Hunt 2.0 Kills Monster Streamers

The amount of monster streamers on twitch has dropped drastically, the reason? Because any of the skilled monster players (the ones people want to see) have nothing but finding hunters forever. Its depressing. I truly loved hopping on twitch and seeing a few skilled monsters to choose to watch daily and now there is practically none. When I do find one, I find the problem, “searching for hunters” for 30-40 mins even up to an hour per match and as a result no one really sticks around.

You’re killing them with this matchmaking time TRS please. It is sabotaging a great advertising tool for you. I love watching evolve streams in my spare time but I don’t want to watch hunters all the time.


It’s because there are more Monster players than full Hunter teams. So they essentially get put on a waiting list.

Arena still works fine though.


I’ve noticed this as well. I’ve seen several streamers have “Waiting Room Simulator”, “Matchmaking Simulator” and other similar titles for their streams.

It’s a huge pity. Like you said, streamers can really help a game out - but at this rate there’s no point in watching Evolve steams because it’s mostly matchmaking. That’s less people that could potentially be interested in the game.

What are they going to think about the game when they tune in just to see a “Searching for Hunters” screen for 30 minutes at a time? Are they going to be excited to purchase the game, or are they gonna look elsewhere?


Exactly man, any potential players are gonna be discouraged with these wait times.

I dislike monster streams. Much more fun to watch a monster die from a hunter’s perspective.

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It is a tough issue. Right now there are not enough high ranking hunters compared to the number of monsters so wait times for high ranked monsters tend to be longer. You have the opposite problem at the Bronze end where you have way more hunters than monsters. If they loosen the rank matching restrictions to shorten the wait times you end up with a lot of high ranking monsters squashing bronze teams. The have mentioned they were discussing a handicapping system as one of several alternatives. If it worked well it could help shorten wait times when there was an imbalance while keeping the matches more competitive. Whatever TRS comes up with it will take some time.

This applies to PC only, I don’t know the ranked distributions for consoles.

I understand you and TRS is aware of this issue .

All we can do is wait and trust TRS that they will come up with some good sollution, which I believe they will soon :slight_smile:

Oh god no please. Nooooo. Do you remember how much people complained and HATED that tipping the scale mechanic in Evacuation? That was one of the major factors to that mode practically dying. Having 30% less/more damage/damage reduction was broken. I don’t know a single person who said it was a good idea. There were countless threads complaining about it.

Handicap would likely be the same thing, and another huge mistake on TRS’s part if thats so. Karote is back, he is fun to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

The Evac thing is and was a good idea. There’s one.

But for Ranked? No.

Well you are certainly the first. But yes I can’t imagine the rage resulting from losing a ranked match based on some behind the scenes buffs or nerfs.

Evac was not a handicapping system it was meant to tip the matches in favor of one side or the other over time. A handicapping system would not be so blunt, and now that you have ranked you have a great way of determining when a handicap would be appropriate. High silver monster playing bronze hunters is usually a cake walk, but if you give the hunters a slight damage buff and damage resistance you will find the monster might have a real challenge. If you are only looking to pub stomp then a handicap system might mess that up for you, but if you are looking for more close matches where superior skill earns a hard fought victory, an effective handicap gives you more opportunities considering the current limits of the player base. Best of all a handicap system only comes into play when needed. If hunter and monster populations are well matched it will never be used. You have to get the buff percentages right though and not be heavy handed. Handicaps have been used in lots of competitions to allow players of different skill levels to have competitive matchups. Any system wouldn’t work perfectly, but you are only trying to improve things rather than achieve perfection. Right now if you reduce wait times by allowing bigger mismatches you have the problem of silver monsters earning 1 point for victory and risking a large point loss, and hunter teams getting beat up on by better players. Handicap matches would give monsters and hunters a chance to earn decent points with the risk of a large point loss while reducing wait times. There are other options out there as well. Any system would be extensively tested before being deployed and compared to other options.

But the problem is stats are not a good exchange for skill. It just doesn’t work that way and it never should in a ranking system. Can you imagine a 30% buffed orbital luckily ending the game when otherwise you would’ve been able to move away from it? Anyway I just don’t like the idea, I understand you may find it good if tailored but I just won’t support stat buffing or nerfing to make up for skill differences.

I don’t remember who it was that came up with that name but it was gold

Haven’t been able to play Hunt 2.0 as monster since release. Waited multiple times over 30 minutes. A few times over an hour. If I was a monster main I most certainly would have stopped playing by now. As it is, I play monster when my friends aren’t around so I don’t have to deal with pubs. Since I can’t play monster, I’m “forced” to play hunter whenever I want to play and because my friends aren’t necessarily around I get grouped with baddies and lose my stupid rank points :smiley:


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“I am not a monster here you are. You and the rest of that fairy tale trash poisoning my perfect word.”

I respect that you don’t like the idea. In a perfect world you would not need handicaps in a competitive game, but here we have a game with a steep learning curve, relatively small player population, and a rank system with long wait times for monsters. If a handicap system makes the game more fun (i.e. allows more challenging competitive matches, and reduces wait times for monsters) then you will see it implemented. If there are other solutions that are simpler and work better then you won’t.

I would argue that stats like damage buff and damage resistance are good exchanges for skill. At its heart this game is a dps race between the monsters and the hunters. The one who consistently does more damage at critical points (getting strikes or permanent health damage) will win the match. A high ranking monster is one that is able to inflict maximum dps in a very targeted and intentional way very consistently. Against average skilled teams they will win the dps race by a very comfortable margin which should be easy to quantify. Once you quantify that difference you can increase the individual hunter’s damage to speed up their dps and reduce damage to hunters to slow down the monster’s dps until the dps rates are much closer (this could also work the same way with a good hunter team against a lower ranking monster, but their doesn’t appear to be any reason for those matchups currently). We are probably talking about percentage changes of 5%-20% at the extremes (it would be determined by testing and real world results).

Currently, if a Silver Elite plays a team of Bronze Destroyers the monster will likely win in the first engagement and earn 1 point for doing so. I have seen several monster players mentioning how this is boring and that they don’t enjoy stomping players that are not at their level. With an effective handicap system they will have shorter wait times and play a larger number of challenging matches. The matches will not be challenging in the same way as playing a team of Silver Destroyers, but the monsters will actually be under some pressure from the hunters, while the hunters will have a good shot at beating the monster if they don’t make critical mistakes.

I’ve stopped streaming while playing monster, for the most part. I’ll still stream while playing in premades because the matches come quickly, but as a monster there’s simply too much downtime.

I’m only silver expert, and I still can only find two matches in an hour if I’m lucky. God forbid I put in the time to rank up because the wait will only increase.

I’ve seen top-ranked friends wait for over an hour to get a match and then it ends up being a bunch of bronze and unranked hunters with no comms.

This afternoon, before work, I sat in party chat with hunter friends while I searched, only to hear that they were facing another buddy of mine, the #1 monster on PS4. In his stream, after the match, I mentioned that I was in chat with them and he almost immediately asked if they’d like to rematch in customs.

In order to actually play the game, top monsters have to custom up, which is kind of a bummer.