Hunt 2.0 Is Great!

I see a lot of anti patch 5 threads but barely anything appreciating it now that it is out. Just to give the devs a sense of how many people actually approve of the patch since all they’ve seen is negativity, post any notes of approval in this thread. For change to occur (or preventing change) you gotta let yourself be heard XD


Good to see some positivity :slight_smile:


I think that it’s great for a pre made team of of four but for a solo player it sucks


My friend and I duo queue and we always pick medic + support, that way we can carry the randoms way more effectively.

I too play with a friend but he plays as medic but i play as trapper and assualt mainly support is my worst class and I don’t enjoy playing as it that’s why i hope they update hunt2.0 soon to make it perfect for duo and solo players

I like it fine. After some teething of the ranks, I’m right where I should be. I win about 50% of my games, and lose about 50% of my games, as hunter and monster.

I realize that at the very top and bottom of the bell curve match finding times and results may vary, but for the vast majority the ranking system is working great.

It’s not the game’s fault that those two randoms are lackluster, it’s their fault, trust me. I flew solo since launch and just recently got a trio of players to play with. The more your teammates don’t suck the better the game gets. Picking up known good players off the forums is a necessity and it is honestly worth the extra effort. Evolve is a team game and most pubs can’t handle that so I fear that queuing as anything less than 3 was doomed from the start.


Ya i think this is why i liked the old hunt better as you were put with players whose level was 35-40 so they at least knew how to do their job and how they game worked now it’s just so random

Once they work out the kinks I’m sure the patch will pick up as the game will be playable and will deliver on the match making promises everyone wanted.

I love the new wriath buffs, I can finally show everyone how powerful she is >:D.

A lot of good things came with this patch most of the complaints are about MM but in terms of gameplay it’s so intense, more fights, MORE ACTION :smiley:


It’s freaking amazing when you get placed with people in your rank. Me, my bud, too randoms were all silver experts and we took down a silver elite kraken and gave him his fourth loss out of 52 games.
It was super closs too, it was AMAZING >.<


I personally love most of the new patch. The monsters desperately needed a buff - and while people are complaining now, it’s only because hunters had it so easy before the patch went into effect. Basically there’s no more blind buffoonish optimism on the part of the hunters - you have to be on your A-game and you can’t make mistakes, just how it used to be for monsters. It is encouraging a higher level of play from everyone - and I think that is fantastic. People are so quick to cry foul, they’ll adjust with time - or they won’t be able to take the heat. But I for one hand have been playing Evolve since release, and don’t play on stopping anytime soon. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AMAZING GAME TURTLEROCK! YOU GUYS RULE! Now maybe we could get some info on the next character being released? :wink:


I like the direction of the balance patch and the Hunt 2.0. Thank you TRS for your continuous improvements to a great fun game! I know that TRS will be refining the changes once they get sufficient data, and there is a lot to look forward to and enjoy right now. I definitely appreciate your hard work and the quality of your efforts!

Love the new patch, just can’t play it much anymore becuase of how long my Matchmaming takes most of the time, I like to play a few matches and do something else and not have to make hour long commitments

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i just find it funny that people are complaining because they’re actually getting a chance to vs monsters around their skill. instead of pub stomping like it use to be haha.

It’s better than it was, it’s good now, and it could be a lot better. But keeping in mind this patch is barley a week old, I agree it’s getting a lot of flack. Maybe its just because we had to wait for it for so long people just had higher hopes for it right off the bat.

I’m starting to get to where I can find matches quicker so I am happy.

Hunt 2.0 can be really great!

Ranked Hunters
Since I am playing with two other guys (party of 3) and 2 of us are picking support and medic, the matches are pretty awesome. But if you have more than 2 different parties in the hunter squad, it becomes very difficult. I don’t recommend that. Hunt really shines if you play with your friends.

Ranked Monster
I only played four monster matches. 3 times as Goliath were I did not even lose health. It was a little bit too easy, but then again they only were rank determining matches.
One time I had the Broken Hill Mine map, went for Behemoth and tried to get a strike at stage 1. Bad mistake. Hunters were definitively coordinated and I could not shake them until I was dead.

Queueing time was never over 5 minutes, mostly under 2 minutes, so that’s fine. Monster queueing was longer. Personally, when I’m solo I don’t mind if I’m playing monster or hunter. So a “I don’t care” button would be good. Could help reduce the waiting times.

Monster changes
At first I was skeptical about the changes to the monster stages. I had the concerns that leveling up would not mean so much, taking the “evolution” out of Evolve.
But now I appreciate that you can make a few mistakes, both as hunters and as the monster, without instantly losing the game. Taking the burst damage out was a good idea! The matches have more highlights: Close fights with one party barely making it out alive.
But the monster still has a very good reason to level up: More armor and less cooldowns/higher AOE can make the difference!

Jetpack changes
The jetpack changes are very great. I never figured out how to do the long jetpack dodges with the old jetpack and was wondering how I could not dodge some attack when others could. Consistency is way better.
Jetpack climbing can still be a pain in the ass though.

Faster domes
I’m very fond of the faster domes, too. Now trappers besides Griffin are viable and it’s more about choosing the right dome location and time. Our trapper once threw a dome that gave us an Aftershock diameter of space to dodge. It did not go well against a Kraken.
But all the other times, we put up a good fight, even if we ended up losing (Aaargh, so close!!!).

However, the bugs. If you lose a match because of a graphics driver crash, server crash or a game crash, it is really frustrating because you can’t do anything about it. And those disconnects happen way too often.
Before I got my new graphics card, I had DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG_ERRORs all the time. I did not even dare to try ranked mode. But with my new card, it’s running smoothly. :wink:
Besides the crashing bugs there are a few bugs with some abilities not doing damage and other stuff. Bug fixing should be the #1 priority. I know it’s hard, but it has to be done.

Jack is good in Arena mode or in domes but his monster detection skills are bad imo. Every other trapper is better in keeping up with the monster. But in combat, Jack is really really awesome. Love his Jedi glove!
And his dialoges… This guy :smiley: :smiley:

Murder pits
Great maps, I’m not getting them as often as I wished in Arena mode. But they are cool. More of those Arena maps would be appreciated. But more hunt maps even more.

So all in all: Thank you TRS! :grinning:

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Do you understand that negativity isn’t coming from us because we’re bad and dislike everything.
Patch is shit(at least for me). 1/4 of my losses are crashes, disconnects. I got 1 points for wins and -25 for losses against Silver and Gold monsters with Bronze or not ranked team mates. Plus incredible deserter penalties for crashes, disconnects and other signs of unstable game.

There is no reconnect feature!!!

For hunters there is. One of your fellow team members has to press ESC and click on “Invite friend” (or sth like that), then choose you on their steam friend’s list.