Hunt 2.0 Fix


I think hunt 2.0 needs to be reset.
I think you should take out all the maps that arent good for competitive scene, also buffs should be taken out. You should also make a system for locking in first lock in should be medic trapper, then next lock in should be monster, then assault and support, so this way it’s a fair and fun game.

You should also fix the point system for bronze- I’m not bronze but I can see being bronze is upsetting. Bronze should have a system of points different from silver and gold, they should earn more points and leave bronze- the less bronze the more silvers and golds, faster gameplay and it sounds bad, but think of it this way; if I were bronze I’d only play bad players and that isnt gonna help me.
Now if I were bronze matching silver elites all day I’d pick up better skills, understand how to deal with these guys better and play better. If I’m bronze stuck in bronze only playing bronze im not getting better and I’d wanna quit the game.
You get better playing better players, so making bronze move up faster will make people feel good and wanna play the game and also get better cause they are forced to get better by playing good people- and if that’s not enough they have quick play to practice even more. If you go down the bronze list 90% of you will see all these people putting in 500 games but you’ve never met them or seen them once and they are still bronze.
My opinion; less bronze, more golds and silvers, faster games, legit rules (ex. fair weather no buffs), lock-in in order from medic, trapper then monster, support, assault. Much more fun game! No one likes picking the wrong assault like:
Me: “Guys, this dude plays kraken I think, okay Markov locked in, hes Behemoth” - not that Markov is bad but I’d feel more comfortable with someone else which means a more fun game for me and my team.

Just my idea on the rank system I’m sure it’s not perfect but this is just a suggestion.




I think the map ideas are cool. I also remember they were not going to remove buffs, they’ve been asked about it recently.

I also think the point system should stay the same in terms of how many points you gain/lose. If you vary the points too much you may have someone shoot to the top of Bronze, break into Silver and then drop right down to Bronze again because they still aren’t good. The idea of Ranked (I think) is to find your approximate skill level so unless you dramatically change in skill, you should be relatively stable in Ranking.


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We also need an Evac 2.0.


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I agree on the point that there are too little silver and gold players. I mean, you could easily shove all the golds into Gold Destroyer and Gold Master, the Silvers in the other 3 golds and spread out the Bronzes in Silver and Bronze. Like that there would be more chances to actually get a match in gold and silver and Bronze people would be more differentiated, I hear it time and time again that people cant get out of it because their teammates one rank lower are way worse than they themselfes.
I just makes no sense whatso ever that there are no Gold Destroyer Monster. The highest scoring Monster by definition should be in Gold Destroyer.

But the other things? I dont really agree.

What I think would make Hunt better, is if the Monster picks Monster first, but also the Map. Not only would this make more sense lore wise but also prevent that the Monster looses just because the Map screws him over. (Like the size of BHF or certain relay areas.

Also looking at the small player base, I think a game mode or two need to go. For example we dont need 2 evac modes. But also the Quickplay. I mean its nice to get into a game fast, but one side stomping the other is not exactly much more fun that waiting 20 minutes for a fair match. Imo there should be 3 modes:

  • PvP Evacuation: The casual mode where you get to play Defend, Nest, Rescue as well as Hunt. No pressure, no ranking, but if possible with Humans on both side
  • Ranked Hunt: Just like now.
  • Ranked Arena: Just arena mode with the same ranking as Hunt. May need more balancing.

Or maybe even combine Arena and Hunt into one mode: Arena for warming up and getting to know your opponent (optional with voting maybe) and then Hunt right after. The fewer gamemodes, the more players per gamemode. As simple as that.

Edit: I like this idea so much myself, I might even make an own suggestion out of it.


Yep, I made a thread about taking out buffs after losing so many games in a row from CDR or Damage, when they said no I think a little piece of me died on the inside that day :sweat:


Arena is kinda unbalanced. So, ranked wouldn’t be a good idea unless they deal with that. Other than that, I’m on board. I play Evac all the time anyway :smiley_cat:


hell yeah delete all elite wildlife from ranked cause one buff is a game changer everytime and remove broken hill mine map from it. and replace it with a new one maybe to keep the big money guys from 2k/microsoft happy. and maybe bring back arena/hunt mode and put defend into evacuation only or something to keep that boring mode away. thank you