Hunt 2.0 Disconnection from Server Problem


So Hunt 2.0 fixed a lot of problems with quick play(then scrimmage). Now I rarely play it. But today, I wasn’t getting any good match ups and I tried out Hunt 2.0. I started out in Silver Skiled(when I was ranked when 2.0 came out) but lost 40 points due to an inexperienced Laz. Since then I’ve been stuck in bronze hell.

Now, the relevant in that story is that I keep getting matched up with players that just barely bought the game. Screenshots:

And the monster:

Now they already pissed me off, because one left the game at the start. But at the end when we were fighting at the relay, I started to lag out hard. IT then after kicked me, saying that there was no longer a connection with the server.

Don’t make 2.0 based of points. I’m tired of playing with newbies. I’m tired of loosing to newbies. Please fix this bug.


This is not a bug, you’re getting matched up with what your points say is your skill level. If you believe you’re better you should get 3 other players and party up to win and move your rank up. That should fix the problem you’re having by being matched up with more inexperienced players.


I think the bug part is referring to the disconnection saying there is no longer a game. :wink:


And the fact that Im always matched with low-level people. In my eyes, that’s a bug.


My friends aren’t always on, so this isn’t a very good option for me.


You could always add people from the forum? There’s always people looking for other players. :slightly_smiling: