Hunt 2.0 broke evolve


So im personally not the person the complain i love evolve but hunt 2.0 made the monsters WAY to powerful i went from silver to bronze in 3 games with my premade team and normally we’re pretty good before hunt team has never been stage 1ed but now every 5 out of 7 games we trap a stage 1 and kills us all even with the shield and a great medic right now i hate playing evolve in the days of skirmish i loved playing evolve all TRS needs to do is nerf monster damage it should be stage 1 has hunters advantage stage 2 balanced and stage 3 monster advantage

EDIT: I found that i win alot more when i use any other trapper then jack so it might be that jack is just horrible


Not trying to be rude or anything, but if your premade is getting Stage 1’d you guys are doing something wrong.



Pubs get stomped S1 easy, premades still have an obvious advantage at S1.

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The average person on the forum here seem to be in Bronze, so while it’s lowest value mineral(Alloy, actually), it’s not the lowest rank and it does not mean you are bad. It’s just the skill bracket you are in.


Yo im wondering too. Just stopped playing for a Month or so… wanted to comeback and see whats with this Hunt 2.0… im really surprised… whats going on here?
Played my first Monster Ranked Match… missed so much and in the end it was a easy Stage 2 win… thought im rusty lol
But after that first match i didnt found a match anymore, for Monster or Hunters… was like what?
And you can’t even play “normal” Hunt anymore? So you have to play Ranked when you want to play HUNT? Is this real? I dont like it, thought you still can chose to play “normal” Games. How should you test new Classes when you only can play it in Ranked?
And then HUNG Error is still with me, so i refuse to play Ranked when im feared of the HUNG Error. It even was a pain in the ass before the Hunt 2.0 for me, because in every Match i feared the HUNG Error, and now with Ranked… noway pls.
i know my english is bad, but i guess you still can read it… thanks <3


The rankes matches are so you dont get stuck with really good or really bad opponents like in hunt 1.0 i got rekt by an esl teams practice
Other then that it doest affect anything its just to make sure the game isnt stupidly easy/hard