Hunt 2.0 + Balance Changes - General Discussion

Information about Hunt 2.0 that has been revealed so far can be found here:

If you have questions for the Dev about the new Hunt 2.0 mode, please use that thread. If you have general discussion about the update coming next Tuesday regarding ranked or balance changes then use this thread!

In brief:

  • Hunt 2.0 is ranked play, winning or losing matches changes your “rank” and thus who you’ll get placed against in a match.
  • Hunt 2.0 replaces current Hunt mode in Skirmish.
  • In Hunt 2.0 you choose to play monster or hunter, and you will be able to queue as those without fear of being placed in the role you don’t want
  • There are also a number of balance changes coming including (but not limited to)
    • Reduced time for dome to form
    • More sustained damage for stage 1 monsters
  • More armour for stage 3 monsters
  • Same melee damage at all stages
  • In general less armour for monsters at stage 1 (except Wraith)
  • Changes to Behemoth lava bomb
  • Sweeping Bucket buffs
  • Hank shield nerf (to match reduced Stage 3 ability damage)
  • Plenty more to still be announced!

The latest patch notes can be found here:


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I really hope the devs will give us a full list of the balance changes before Tuesday.


This is the general discussion thread, I’m hoping that they’ll post an official balance changes list separate to this. At worst they would be in the patch notes on Tuesday. I agree I’d love to discuss them earlier!

Patchnotes on tuesday would be a catastrophy for the majors. Most teams have their games wednesday or thursday…


Hear hear. We need patch notes asap to prepare. @macman


So, this title update is officially the big change to the meta they’ve been talking about, as well?

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Everything they have talked about so far is in this next release

This is the biggest part that worries me. Games that release sweeping changes to core mechanics post release run a major risk of angering the people that have stuck around and enjoyed the game. It’s pretty ballsy to make such changes and say “The community will absolutely love this, so we are committing 100%!” Frankly I don’t think TRS’s test team really has their finger on the pulse of what the community wants, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen a mass exodus of players do to early balance issues.

TRS should be learning from the mistakes of other companies and should go about this with less of a “we know what’s best” attitude. DICE does this well with their CTE servers. Release updates like this in a community test environment LONG before committing to them. Make sure the changes work well en masse first, then parse them out to the larger playerbase.

Yeah, but Ranked mode is what people have begged for


I want rank mode, I’ll finally be able to tell if I’m actually any good


You are not :wink:

No I like it, keeps ego’s in check…


Do you know why CTE can’t be done ???

Player base … is nothing compared with BF4 … who is going to play and give feedback
Dice Studio employees out numbered
every month … there is an update

Topic … I feel it’s great stuff that will balance the game

The player base is irrelevant. Even if there were 5 total players you could still branch the data and get feedback from those players (which is better than none at all).

The number of employees is irrelevant as well. They are already doing the hard work (changing the code/data). They could provide both branches to players with a nominal amount of additional work.

This has more to do with design philosophy and practice than it does resources.

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why make CTS

you don’t have enough player to play the main game … making CTS will affect also the player base in the main game

if you were a developer

how can you get data and information from fewer number

just think about it

they are hard worker . they have done fantastic job but at the same time it’s going to take more time and effort to make CTS

I am sure Dice have tons of employees that help the process

Be reasonable don’t compare two games if the Inputs are different from each other

Someone please tell me what cts is!

I don’t think that annoying the current playerbase with this change is possible, and it could bring back many.

Also lots of what is changing is because of community feedback so I have no idea where your claim that they’re acting just like they know best had come from


It’s CTE (Community Test Environment), he changed it up for some reason.

It isolates changes to code/data in a place where the more dedicated players can test them before they are released in an official update. Its a really good way to find balance issues on live servers with a tester base that is likely many times the size of their in house testing team.

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a Beta servers

where people tests update first and give feedback to the Dev

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That’s the gamble they are taking.