Hunt 2.0 arena 2.0

Does any one else find hunt 2.0 should have just been called arena 2.0 or is it just me

I don’t follow.

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Cause domes are so easy to get? I’m not sure either

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wouldnt mind if arena had the same pick system

Hunt 2.0 only refers to the change to Matchmaking… The balance changes are part of Patch 5.0… Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

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How quick the domes are it just feels like it’s always a fight I know that’s how it should be it just feels like arena in a bigger area now that’s all

Except that
A. The hunter team won’t always know your whereabouts.
B. The dome has a cooldown so you can, you know, run away.

Not with sunny you can’t

Well actually you can, the JPB doesn’t have infinite fuel+Infinite range

Against good teams I can’t seam too mind you I use behemoth