Hunt 2.0 and why it should be fixed


I love the idea of hunt 2.0 but the other day I won a game as monster and got 1 point. And then I lost a game and I Lost 20 points! What the hell? Its broken and needs to be fixed. The idea is great and i love it but it takes a while to get a game. Also I have a question, When I loose a game in pub does it mark the leader boards? Cause I won a game with blitz Markov and my name isn’t on the leaderboards, do I have to play hunt 2.0 in order to mark the leader board or what?


The points are you gaining and losing are working as intended. You don’t gain points for winning against a team that you, statistically, should have beaten.


Ohhhhh that’s how it works. Ok that’s really cool I didn’t know they measured if you should win or not. Thanks!


Not a problem!


Regarding the leaderboard. Quick play and evacuation wins and losses should count towards the leaderboards. There was a problem before where wins weren’t being added. It should be fixed now. :wink:


Ok sweet. Thanks!