So this is the second time i am posting this issue.
I think the first one was a bit bad for kids or something so the moderators blocked it lol.
Anyways lets begin.

Evolve was a fun game even with those broken matchmaking and stuffs and the normal hunt. Honestly HUNT 2.0 just broke it from every single corner now. its totally broken with bugs, crashes and broken matchmaking with hilarious search times. sometimes i even have to wait for more than 30 mins to find players. anyways thats not why i am here. i am so pissed of over this penalty mechanism. cause this game has a lotta bugs with a lotta crashes. The first bug i encountered after patch 5.0 was a black screen bug so i had to force close the game after waiting for 10 mins. And then boom a 100 sec penalty. i was like oh… ok… 100 secs… fine. then there was this crash and then … boom… 600 secs penalty. again another crash and boom 3600 secs(1 hr) penalty. and again another crash and boom 5000 secs (1.3 hours) penalty. and i am guessing the next penalty will be a week then a month then a year and then full ban for lifetime.

I AM BEGGING you to fix it.
I really like this game.
I can leave if u want u just need say it.
but i like this game i wanna stick around even with these odds but the penalty system is not tolerable.


I get that you are attempting to be more passive and provide suggestions/criticism, but this is still one of those rant threads where you tell evolve players as a whole how they feel.

There are threads already about the good/bad/ugly of 5.0

I’ve played the 2.0 for hours and my only crash was between menus-no penalty. Sorry you weren’t so lucky :wink:

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at least moderators did not ban this time

Of course the penalty system sucks!!!
Yesterday my Steam-Session was closed then the game said: “Your Steam profile is not connected anymore, then crash to desktop”. 300 Sec wait time.

After a while I had a Sunny-Bug when I use her jetpack boost my whole screen was flickering, so I have to quit and restart the game. 500 Sec or something.

After a while again just a crash to dekstop, avast free antivirus was the problem this time, look at my other thread. 30 Min wait time.

And the last one just rage quiting cause the hunters was so bad that I cant take it anymore.

  • Trapper just standing at Startpoint
  • Medic died of wildlife
  • Assault run into a plant and was alone

So for what was the point to play futher? I just quit cause I cant stand this stupidy. 1 hour penalty for being a nice player who have over 700 h playtime on PC and Console, pubs are runied for me at the moment.

Yea, half of my loses (4), are disconnected from match. And now I have penalties because of the server issue. I don’t really care about 2 extra loses to my rank; but the penalties for me not doing anything wrong are bogus

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i have over 1000hrs of gameplay and this is my gift.
First a ban for expressing my feelings on the forum and this penalty system


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Maybe you write a little bit too offensive like:
Uppercase Characters
Too harsh words

Try to write critic down on a polite level. I know you are salty, me too. And your statements are not that wrong but when you shout it to harsh out they are pissed and you get banned or something.

it wasnt that salty.
just said godd***

This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Keeping you from playing a game YOU paid for. Your money is going to their pockets and they keep you from playing? I don’t usually use language like this, but that’s FUCKED UP.
I didn’t even know you could get a penalty like that.

Can the consumer get what they pay for??


anyways if i was salty and a bad person then i am sorry.
Block me again TRS. i am so bad that i bought ur game for 100$ and wasted 1000+ hrs.

Yeah, this place is pretty toxic at times. It’s funny you were censored like that for some words that weren’t liked. I see people use the same words, but they’re not complaining about the game so it’s ok.


It’s because your ranting. Also $100 for 1000hrs of entertainment seems like a good investment to me.


Change you ISP you were disconnecting a lot even before patch … Imagine if they allow you to play and you disconnect in a ranked skilled match don’t you think its upsetting to other 3 players in hunter team. I agree penalty is harsh but you can still play arena :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this normal? My friend sent me this screenshot while I was at work…we’ve been having connectivity problems lately and have been booted a few times. My friend is not one to rage quit either, and this seem a bit excessive…

No, that’s not normal. I noticed someone getting helped with that earlier actually.

oh my god… Im lost for words, sorry about whats happening to all of you guys. 57839 seconds is like 16 hours if my math is accurate… wow

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I figured it was a bug…haven’t gotten to talk to him yet, I will when I get home. Do you know how the problem was resolved?