Humbly requesting a change to Broken Hill Foundry


I’m going to try to hold back my seething rage and frustration here. If this turns into a rant, sorry, but something needs to be done about this.

Ok, so playing monster on Broken Hill Foundry as monster is the absolute most infuriating thing I have ever experienced in the history of Evolve. I’m not kidding.

Let me lay the scenario down for you. 2 sound spikes cover the map from corner to corner. K? There is so much shit everywhere, every time you try to traverse, you WILL get caught on something. There are no places to hide. No bushes, no caves, only steel. Sunny becomes even more annoying than she is already due to how fucking small this map is. Verticality doesn’t matter in adding to the size of the map. Maggie almost completely shuts you down due to the tight spaces, yet the hunters can be spread out across a large area. The power relay is COMPLETELY EXPOSED ON 3 SIDES. Couple this with the confined areas of this map, and it makes maneuvering a pain in the ass stage 3 and even 2.

Bottom line, this is the absolute most Hunter favored map in the game and it’s utter bullshit. I am not even kidding when I say I have not won a game on this map since it came out and I have tried every strategy, tactic, route, and monster to win at least one game to no avail. Something needs to be done about this incredibly unfavored situation and quick. Until then I won’t be playing it. Don’t care if it’s Hunt 2.0, I will just sit there and die.

And i really don’t want to see any “just learn to play it” or “I win every match on that one”. Well good 5 u, you’re just a better monster than me or your opponents just suck. I don’t know and I don’t care, I still want to some kind of change.

Broken Hill Foundry needs to be taken out of Hunt 2.0
Just had one of my fav wins of all time vs one of the op Maggie, Val, Sunny teams
Any future map changes

Lol. If I were you I’d have just gone DELETE THE FUCKING THING BECAUSE 99% OF US HATE IT but yeh.


My thoughts exactly.


I, as a big hunter player, loved Broken Hill Foundry. But after awhile I began to realize the pain caused by this map! I would LOVE a change in this horrid contraption set to doom monsters everywhere hugs for all monsters players!


This thread shouldn’t be moved. It’s a specific request, not a rant, and he was very polite with his request.

And this map fucking sucks.


Yeah, just get rid of it really.


The area in front of the relay that has the pit in the middle is so hard to navigate. There are tons of crates for hunters to dodge around and climbing them is clunky and slow.

On the other side of the relay, where the 4 food crates are, has too many drops and ledges, not to mention that little corridor between the steps leading to the relay and the adjacent wall. Tight spaces don’t sit well with me. This isn’t a cave where you have room, but movement is slightly impaired, no, this is claustrophobia.

The area straight back from the relay is just stupid. There is a small platform right in the middle of 4 raised structures. And don’t forget in the middle of that platform is a smaller ledge that drops down so you have to climb to get over it. Brilliant.

When you play this map, it’s not Hunt, it’s Arena with the monster starting Stage 1


I’ve only ever won a few times as Monster on this map (and me winning with any Monster is a feat in and of itself, on any map), and they were with Gorgon and Bob. It’s a strange map, but tight quarters serve those two well enough. Only reason I won, really.

Not supporting the map, further saying it’s bullshit because I am forced to play it all the time when I get stuck as Monster. Team knows I hate it.


If the verticality of slag town matched that of the relay side (caves, mine shafts for example), I think it’d be better.

That area in front of the relay blows.

It really just needs more space. To dang small.


Play as Bob:
Bob is big.
Bob wants to be a ninja.
Bob disguises as a rock.
Bob is alone waiting.
But noone is looking for Bob.
Bob is weak.
Noone wants Bob.
Bob is sad.

Play as goliath: there are some few spots to crouch and wait for hunters to go away…

Play as Kraken: dunno. Maybe impossible to hide.

Edit: misunderstood BH Mines with Foundry.


BHF is really cool conceptually, but in execution it’s my least favorite map in the game for both sides (except maybe rendering plant). Agree.


I personally love this map. I was playing customs with some friends last night, it was my turn to be monster, they asked what map I wanted to play on and I chose BHF lol. I do alright with hiding and evolving on this map. I did make it to stage 3 and was trying to take down the relay. I agree, the relay area sucks! I had to attack the relay like so,


I hate seeing people say, “Durr, jus delete th map it sux lolololool”. It’s so annoying. Like, that’s not constructive in any way. Do they actually think that they’ll just get rid of a map randomly one day? No. That’s stupid.

It’s the same thing as when people say, “Jus take Wraith out duh game”, or any other character they find frustrating. It’s just… Stupid. It’s frustrating, really.

not referring to you, Atrinoch. referring to others around the forum, and in this thread


what are you talking about broken hill mine is one of my favorite maps as the monster I play as behemoth I don’t sneek I just run and they chase no need to hide


There’s no room to run, that’s one of my points in trying to make.
If you can run and get away,
1.) their trapper sucks
2.) they don’t have sunny


Exactly! TRS had to pay a bit for the resoirces to make map. I dont think they’ll allow yhat money go to waste…


i like this map. so many corners and levels. makes it easy to be a sneaky monster and backtrack, or catch hunters who are separated in really hard spots to save them.


foundry not mine


JK don’t hurt me!

Playing BHF in customs with friends vs A.I. monster is actually pretty fun!


Even if they had it I had a good game against a gold ranked chase comp (I lost - chase comp) on BHF one time. It’s an okay map (it’s actually the best map to play Wraith on), play mind games.