Humble Bundle Flash (War of the Roses: Kingmaker)


Some of you may have already heard of the Humble Bundle store. It’s a nice website, in more than one sense. I won’t explain what the site is about, but if you don’t know it I recommend you get acquainted with it.

In this bundle they’re offering some nice titles, and the one that stands out the most is War of the Roses: Kingmaker. It has quite a… Unique style. A kind of medieval combat which I enjoy. I’m spreading it here so you might have fun with it too, I’ve had already played the game considerably. You get two copies in this bundle, so you can invite a friend if you want to.

You may also get some two or three other games, which I don’t know about so I can’t recommend anything, but it might be worth checking out.

Have fun.


Humble Bundles are like steam sales, only more often and with less games :stuck_out_tongue: They are awesome. PLUS, you can donate directly to the developers/charities instead of the Producers who basically skim off the top and don’t help much with the gaming industry. I would love for an option to pre-order directly through TRS and give them my full 60 bucks instead of whatever it is that they get as leftovers once the tigers are done with their meal.


I already bought to many games, once i have evolve that’s the only game i’ll play >.<


But UNTIL then :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve bought the bioshock series, max payne series, the first 4 assassin’s creed, black op 2 that also included waw, battlebloks theater, super meatboy and i also have to finish metro 2033 + xcom enemy unkown xD


LOVED Metro games. The music was really well done. Love their theme songs. X-Com was a really good surprise hit with me. I don’t know if it was just really well done, or if there is a dearth of good turn based combat games on the market. Impossible Ironman is a LOT of fun. Bioshock 1 was great, 2 was alright, infinite was good and had a GREAT sidekick/companion AI. She wasn’t totally useless. However, Bioshock infinite had severe balancing issues. On the hardest setting (Second to last as the hardest was unlocked after you beat the game) I had some troubles at a part in the game until I finally changed my loudout and I basically became a god and walked through the rest of the game. Really like how Infinite ties in the rest of the series.

Super Meatboy is one of those games that I suggest small doses if you are trying to 100% that game. You will want to bleed someone before long. AC 1 had a good story, but holy cow was it repetitious as hell. 2 was the best in the series. The ‘expansions’ of 2 were alright, but not really noteworthy. AC 3 had a decent premise but didn’t feel like a good sequel. The hunting aspect was cool at first, until I realized you could just run with your weapons drawn and massacre wolves and bears before they can react. Took the fun out of it. The ending was crap. However, the navel combat was so well done, that they built an entire game around it :stuck_out_tongue: (Number 4) Didn’t play 4 though.


Yea super meatboy is rage inducing xD already got the achievement to do the no death run for forest. The easiest one… :stuck_out_tongue: