Humans as wildife


I Want a map were the wildlife are the human colonists so u eat humans and the hunters can know we’re the monster is because the humans will scream indicating were the monster is it will be awesome to hunt and eat humans as Goliath .


Not quite what you asked for, but many maps have corpses from the colonists that monsters can eat. Knowing where free meats can show up will have an effect on knowing favorable places to find the monster.


I thought I recall some sort of humans that would shoot you? But it might have been a slip on a different game mode.


this could be another gamemode


You would still need wildlife otherwise there would be no perks for the hunters.


Seems like a thing that would be a thing…

Probably game-mode worthy.


I don’t think he gets it :wink:


While that was an unplanned funny poke at the main gameplay, I do recall one of the devs talking about how on some maps there were humans that had very basic pistols/guns that would shoot you if you got too close. Let me see if I can find it.

That was in regards of having human colonists that are alive. Not finding the message from one of the other devs. I could have sworn that at one point they mentioned that some hostile wildlife would be camps of bandits that would attack hunter or monster if they came around. However, maybe it wasn’t a Dev and I’m just having wishful thinking. I recall that the discussion that followed was about whether the Monster wanted to engage them as they were ranged, you would most likely lose some armor, and the sounds of gunfire would alert the humans. Oh well.


There also used to be an alternate objective to eat 20 scientists. Guess it didn’t work out.


Ya, that was the thread Damjess replied to. She mentioned that they are still in the game and that it was mentioned that the NPCs do have VO lines, so it is most likely some sort of escort type mode I’m thinking. Evacuate the civvies etc… Like Nest mode, but the civvies are the equivalent of the eggs.


maybe tha’ts included in a kind of time trials mode


I dont think thats true didnt see humans in the alpha maby its in a seperate gamemode


I mentioned an alternate game mode here. Not sure why them not being in the Alpha was brought up.