Huge win difference between Val and R Val. Critique me on how i'm playing wrong



Quite a huge difference when playing same char just different adaptations. i wonder where i went wrong for Val?

Val Win 31%
R Val Win 67%

For Val, i take tier 1 lvl 3 hp regen, tier 2 lvl 3 jump, tier 3 lvl 1 speed

For R Val, I take tier 1 lvl 3 damage, tier 2 lvl 2 weapon swap, tier 3 lvl 1 speed.


Nothing wrong, I play VAL and never had problems healing.


Try taking Leadership and Command as T2 and T3 perks on Rogue Val. It’s a total of 25% faster healbursts, which is huge on her because her burst heals everything to full.


Your perks, from what I understand, are decent. Maybe you’re just a better Rogue Val than a regular Val? Lol.


I think a lot of it comes down not to how you’re playing, but how other people are playing. Rogue Val lets people off lightly when they play sloppy on your team.

However, if you want to try and improve the Val situation I would consider going for some reload in there if you can. You may be finding that you are reaching the end of your capacity and the monster is then continuing to do damage while you can’t react. Some early reload speed will help your capacity refill quicker and give your team more healing.


quite true. i run out of healing mojo faster for Val than R Val. even healing burst doesnt seem to help the situation better compared to R Val. i seem able to dictate the healing pace and mojo conservation better as R Val.[quote=“niaccurshi, post:5, topic:92422”]
However, if you want to try and improve the Val situation I would consider going for some reload in there if you can. You may be finding that you are reaching the end of your capacity and the monster is then continuing to do damage while you can’t react. Some early reload speed will help your capacity refill quicker and give your team more healing.

I’ll give a try on the reloading perks. I’m actually thinking on using the new jetpack thrust perks if i can spare the keys for Val.

Stay a decent distance away and do a jetpack thrust burst heal for emergencies.


Doesn’t seem much different playstyle wise. As in i constantly need to dodge and maintain safe distance. do roaching, sidestepping etc.

only difference from what i noticed was when dome goes down and monster runs, as Val i put a dart and go for healing the rest as usually their hp is not full.

As R Val usually i do not need to heal much when dome goes down, i’ll just dart and snipe.

You need to tell me how you play hahahaha


Rogue definitely has a much easier time healing than regular Val. It takes a lot more effort to heal a team with maximum effectiveness with Val.


Ok but advice on Val is what i need more :stuck_out_tongue:


Try swapping out that tier 1 hp regen for something like Quick Switch. Val should be using her whole kit, a LOT. and saving time there is crucial. Keeping the monster pissed and slowed, maintaining markers, and of course- getting out the med gun. HP regen wont do much for Val against competent monsters IMO. With proper positioning you shouldnt be taking abilities not meant for you in the first place- meaning you have no reason to regen HP there, and once/if you ARE being focused, hp regen wont do anything for you anyways either. Quick switch though can often allow you to utilize all 3 pieces of your gear, in plenty of situations where youd only have gotten away with using 2.

For tier 2 and 3, try taking perks that either give you mobility- Jet pack recharge for example (More actual dodges will get you out of more danger than jumping slightly higher IMO), or the nifty new after burner perks. The extra distance can really make the difference between dodging something, and eating something even if you did try to dodge it- Or some more “combat” oriented perks- Capacity works on val, as does reload and the likes (While capacity only works for your medgun, reload benefits your medgun, rifle, and tranqs).

R-Val is intentionally “easier” to use. They wanted a medic who could heal, while sticking quite heavily on her weapons. OG-Val requires a bit more micro management. You NEED to be using all of her kit, constantly. Put a tranq in, put a marker on, heal up whoevers low, and repeat. If your team is mitigating damage well- Just keep cycling her weapons. Tranq the monster, add 2 markers, tranq it again- And repeat until someone needs healing. Dont be afraid to use your healburst- But do your best to coordinate it around your supports shield. if your supports shield is down, try to be save it for yourself. if the situation is “Use this to save that guy, then get focused because my burst is gone and the supports shield is on cooldown”, save it for your damn self. One of vals strong points is her capacity to QUICKLY pick people up from a down. Its not great to let people go down mind you- But its far better THEY go down, than YOU go down.

Keep val at long range- Wherever the monster is, you shouldnt be. Utilize terrain- Hide behind pillar, ducking out only to get markers/traqns, then hiding again- Keeping LoS on only your team mates. When/if you get focused- Run around those pillars. Let your support buff whatever it is they buff, and let the trapper use their CC to make it a pain in the ass to get you. If youre going ot kite- make sure you kite AROUND your assault, and not away. In the end its primarily damaging the monster that is going to make them think twice about what theyre doing


As Val you can afford to be further away from the action from the get go. I’d personally (but your mileage may vary) not worry about movement speed perks as Val, I’d put some rocketman in instead so that if the monster goes for you you can do some dodges to get away and let the others on your team do their job. IMO Val should never be near the thick of it, and so when the monster turns on her you should see it coming a mile off and be able to use jetpack alone to get safe.

So for me it’d be all about reload, rocketman and command/leadership for some healburst recharge rate increase.


I use T1 Swapping Perk, and Cooldown Perk on T2 and T3.

This way I can spam heal burst easily and switch through my whole kit in a timely manner.

I’m yet to lose once as VAL.


Class cooldown is very good on Val since her self heal on healing burst is strong.

I’d either take class CDR or jetpack regen on regular Val.


Quite poor on keys to unlock the leadership perks.

Which char is able to unlock those perks by leveling?


The Wiki has been updated to include what you unlock by playing each hunter and leveling for Stage 2. Try looking through the hunters and see what leveling each unlocks.

#16 Bucket, Emet, Kala, Cabot.


thanks! last i saw it still had legacy info.[quote=“innociv, post:16, topic:92422, full:true”] Bucket, Emet, Kala, Cabot.



I’m not sure if you meant “everything” or “everyone” there, but I saw some other people talking about Rogue Val in the Discord a bit as if Rogue Val has a Healing BURST. My understanding is that Rogue Val has a Healing FIELD that passively heals others in range over time, but when triggered, heals only Rogue Val herself. Original Val is the one with a standard, group-applicable Healing BURST. Can someone confirm that for me, please? Because my understanding is that the only thing that Rogue Val can really do to heal during fights is to use the Chain Medgun to heal multiple people at once, but can’t do really quick heals with a burst, because she doesn’t have that ability.


You are correct how it works.

Just heals her, and passive regen to allies when it’s not cooling down.


As someone who plays Val I can confirm she has heal burst, it heals herself and allies nearby.

Henze why I use skill cooldowns, to spam it when I’m against the wall and also to heal the party overall.

This is me a professional bad medic getting saved by Sunny, I even added a lullaby for you guys :joy: