Huge swings in ranked points despite hundreds of games

I have 457 ranked games as monster. I’m currently Silver Skilled. I just fought a team that was a mix of Silver and high Bronze hunters. I lost. I was deducted -63 points. Next game. I win. +60 points. Edited title to be reflective.

Also, arguably Rock Wall gap FTW in the 1st game.

It’s because you lost to a team that the game calculated you should have had an easy time beating as you are an entire division over Bronze Skilled and one off from a divsion over Bronze Destroyer.

Right. Uncertainty factor. So -5 points, please.

Next game +60 points. OP and title updated as well.

I know that under the covers it’s just maths, but such big swings don’t seem reasonable after so many games.

Could you record a game so I could see how you play, I would just love to see a Behemoth main on PC.

Eh. I’m not that great, despite him being my main. Also, my computer is below minimum specs so I can’t run recording software without taking even more of a perf hit.

Did you take a break from the game for a while? I remember seeing somewhere that if you don’t play for weeks and then come back and play the points earned/loss will be higher or lower than usual in your first few games. I could be wrong, but that’s a possibility.

Been playing pretty close to daily since 5.0. I had a 2-3 week break before that and came back maybe a week before Hunt 2.0 went live.

Oh nvm then. I’d suggest tagging one of the devs then so they can look at this.

its possible that the team had a new player with just 15-20 games. if you loose to a team with those kind of players the points swing is high…

Agreed on that possibility. I still think such swings are unreasonable. That’s also unlikely to explain why I recovered +60 the following game. Did I just happened to be matched with a different team that also had someone who recently placed? Not impossible, but…