Huge Nerf Needed for the following


I feel like the most OP thing in evolve is not sunny or torvald but nomads and mammoth birds. Mammoth birds shock you with enough electricity to power the entire universe for the next 2 billion years and nomads kick is so powerful it kicked me back to last week.


mammoth birdies op


We’ve been asking for nerfs against mammoth birds for the longest but we never get them. They’ve killed monsters and hunters plenty of times.

Nomads have caused enough brain injury to hyde. That’s enough to be considered OP.


Elite Mammoth Bird is being buffed, good luck in Evolve. ^.^


I give up…


Elite Mammoth Bird-
Monster Ability cooldown now 35% (was 50%)
Health increased 70%
Speed increased 30%

Harder to kill, faster, and gives less of a buff.
Have fun. ^.^


I think the Nyx Assassin is the most OP monster. I mean look at this persistant guy. He’s so desperate to kill you that he jumps between games.


Mammoth bird confirmed for next monster


Enough said.


There is no such thing as OP wildlife, just animals Chuck Norris has approved.


Got killed by a super aggressive nomad last night…as Behemoth. Super, super pissed. One hunter left with quarter health.


Ah thanks, I’m really experienced Jerk. :))))


There is a reason I posted this: