HUD suggestion


As a new player learning the maps while playing Evolve, I would run around with the map up often. This worked great for learning on the fly. However, playing as the medic, as I prefer to do, this takes away all health bars over peoples heads and makes the job of the medic much more difficult.

Even after I learned the map, I found I popped up the map often when reviewing where the monster is spotted, where he could be running and where I could head him off. So I found the map was something I used often even after I learned the map and did not need it for basic navigation.

The other downside of having the map up was you are not shown map pings on your screen(you see something on the map though) when someone spots the monster. You do still hear the pinging sound though.

My suggestion is to not remove the other HUD icons when you have your map up.



I kind of like it. I dislike minimaps in FPS for a few other reasons, so being able to have health bars/UI prompts or the map is a nice strategic layer.


It’s a good suggestion. Of course, you do have teammate HP in the bottom left of your screen at all times, and it won’t ever get covered by the map UI. But anything that allows you to keep your focus central to the screen, and provides assistance in the consumption of information, I’m all for.


Pings also transfer over to the map when its open. Or I think they do (been a while since alpha now).


My biggest desire was a compass. Calling directions the monster was going was super helpful when everyone was on the same page, but sometime’s I’d call north, and people would turn around and leave me in a “wat” state. I can kind of get the confusion given how disruptive looking at the map can be… But a compass of some kind would be kind of neat, at least maybe kinda sorta slightly possibly? :open_mouth:


A non-map compass would be nice for learning the map more quickly. Also for the directionally challenged (yep, that means me).


I like the idea of a small compass added to the main HUD.

As for health bars, I think they are trying to get you to put the map down when you are in combat.


Why? If I am in combat and the monster runs in a direction, I want to be able to quickly review where I can go to head him off. Combat map skills can be very helpful. Why restrict what I can see? Besides, when we are engaged in chasing a monster after a battle, before everyone is healed up I like to heal people on the move, however, I cannot do this with my map up as I cannot see the health of the hunters on my team.


That’s a briliant idea! I would love to see this implemented into the game one day.


Gameplay balance.

Having to balance obtaining information with acting on information.


Are you talking about a compass on the map? Because there was a compass in the HUD in the Big Alpha, it was just to the left of your items, in the bottom right of your screen.


I’ll be damned if I never even noticed that compass! lol. I love compasses, and I’m not sure if that would have been my ideal implementation, but it’s amazing to me that I missed that my entire play of the Alpha.


Yeah, me too. Didn’t spot the thing a single time. O_o


Haha, I’m not surprised. Even my buddies who I played with for hours and hours were still surprised when I pointed it out to them. It certainly could be easily overlooked.


The above photo is a concept HUD revision I did with a friend. Its a bit old (the health bars changes dramatically). But it shows how you could have the map always up.


I would like both a map and a hud opened, too.

I hate hunting an wraith, without knowing anything about what’s just happens to my team.

Often, I use the map to see, where the monster is going, but in the same time a member of the team got caught be man-eating plants. Hes dying while I dont get a hint about his situation.

Or sometimes the pings would even enough to keep team communication up.