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I don’t have too much in terms of being able to bring forth to the table in terms of descriptions but I have two ideas that I fell can serve little purpose or can be very helpful.

Personally, I like the HUDs, don’t get me wrong here, however I feel that there should be more customization to the HUDs, just a few examples:

Minimalistic HUD - A simplistic HUD that can be activated via the options menu. This is more aimed towards Hunter HUDs simply due to the fact that the HUD is everywhere, there’s a compass in the bottom right along with your kit with the classes in the bottom left with curvey health and jetpack bars on either side with weird designs on the side (The two curved white lines with dots).
I think a minimalistic HUD could be as simple as helping people who make recordings/music videos/etcetera or incredibly helpful to people who prefer to have everything say on the side or on the bottom of the screen. This could also be preferred since it would take up less room on screen.

HUD Opacity Bar - Primarily for people who record or want a more cinematic feel to the game, what harm could a HUD opacity bar do? All it would do is make things that appear on your HUD and in general (i.e health, jetpack, sidebars, classes, kit, compass, etcetera) disappear from the HUD. This can help Monster and Hunter perspectives get a more cinematic feel when recording videos and such but also can just be a neat little feature for people who prefer to have a slightly transparent HUD or none at all.

Character HUDs - This is something I brought up in a thread made waaaay back in July, I think character based HUDs would be awesome. Why you may ask? Well for starters it gives the visual artists something to do when they’re not working on adaptations or new effects or colorblind support etcetera.
This proposed change would be something not for all characters but for specific ones, ones that would have different HUDs (i.e Lennox, Bucket, Emet, Crow, etcetera). I use these Hunters as an example because Lennox is in a giant powered suit of armor, to me, it would be quite cool to see a variation of the standard HUD for her, same goes for Bucket or Emet, both are robots, both see differently than Humans, so why do they have the same HUDs? (other than it’s super easy that way) and there are other Hunters but these are the primary examples.

Customizable HUDs - A suggestion to allow something similar to SMITE’s HUD editor. For those unfamiliar with SMITE here is what it looks like:

In this editor you can literally change every single item that appears on your HUD, where your kills show up, your health and mana, your items, your quick chat, your chat, your little icons on the top and sides, etcetera. You can also change the opacity along with other settings for each one.

Now I’m not sure how much time or effort it would take to implement any of these (if any of these are ever considered) but I feel they would add an extra layer of accessibility to the game.

At the very least add a HUD opacity bar please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Disabling the HUD?

HUD opacity would be awesome! I keep my Skyrim HUD pretty ghost-like.


I just liked turning it off. In game like that I want to me immersed. I’m all for this option.


Here’s an older thread that’s similar, I’ll close the old one and link to here now.


If like to see the hunters health compass and weapon compass moved to the cursor/crosshair so medic can have an easier time seeing who needs healing. It can also show when their class ability is ready, or when a weapon is reloaded.


I feel like the HUD could easily be condensed.


Yeah, but the size of everything would be hard to get right. I guess add a size slider to HUD options?

I would need to get used to having 4 bars representing the hunters hp, but I could manage that. Just put the icon above the bars and make them vertical. This could work well with transparency.


The class thing shows health :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to have an option like that! Have a ‘no-HUD’ game of customs would be a pretty immersing and cool experience.

The option to pick and choose what you want to have displayed and how transparent would really let people customise their experience (for example I’d probably remove the hot-swap circle in the corner if I wasn’t playing medic).

On a similar note someone else on the forums suggested the ability to make the monsters slightly transparent as well so you won’t lose track of the hunters because of your huge stage 3 ass (looking at you Gorgon). That might be a nice touch as well.


I like accessibility stuff in games. More options the better!

I’m curious if it would even be possible.
@LadieAuPair @MacMan @Shaners

I don’t know who would have a role in this but I’m curious how feasible some of these ideas are.


Just want the options to turn things on and off. Some indicators are obsolet and soaking the beauty out of the game (like the visual effect of birds).


adding @Miel because UI is her domain.

Disabling the HUD?

Would be nice but I guess it would be a lot of work.


As a medic player, I would want the health bars to be in one place, preferably top left or right. But more customization options would be really nice.


Im all for this. I will be playing in Pubs and call out a direction the monster is heading, and people go “how do you know which way is North?” and I go “theres a compass, bottom right.”

If there was an option to toggle the size of each HUD effect individually, that would really help people play better by having access to more or less information on the screen.


My take on it was to move hunters hp and ammo compass closer to the compass. It would make medic know when to heal easier.


Hopefully waiting for a reply :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll make sure she knows. The stuff your requesting would take a lot of work, but she can at least keep it in her notes!

Disabling the HUD?

Hooray! As long as they’re noticed to some regard I’d be happy :slight_smile:


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