HUD name toggle


I have a suggestion:
What if we had a button that toggles between what you see as a name when looking at hunter/monster. I mean, right now, you see their nickname. But what if you could press a button and see their role. Instead of ‘n00b d3stroy3r’ or ‘[][][][][][][][] [][] []’ you will see ‘Trapper’ or ‘Support’. And if you press it once again, you will see their character. Like ‘Jack’ or ‘Sunny’. And once more time and you see their names again.

Also, character name should be added to Player List things (‘T’ by default, I guess, also in Esc menu)

Why I want that:

  1. Sometimes I just forget what characters we have on team (or who I am playing against) and it’s hard to tell just by looking at my teammates, since they usually at some distance which makes them really small on my screen. Even worse if you are monster. So you have to wait for some voice lines or until they use their abilities.
  2. Sometimes people have nicknames like ‘Lazarus’, ‘Sgt Hank’ and they play different roles/chars. This leads to great confusion. I was wondering why Sgt Hank never shields, until I realized it’s Cabot.


you can turn on a symbol