HUD Modifications?


Anyone else want the ability to modify our heads up display?

I want to be able to add teammates cooldowns on my screen, so I know when domes are ready, ETC. Just class, and special.

I want to move the health circle in the bottom left, change those to bars; and then allow colour coding depending on % of teammates health.

I also want the option for pings/makers to be visible on my HUD, while the minimap is pulled up.

Also, can we allow hit flashes around our screen? When we take damage, it flashes red to warn you. When you land an attack, it flashes blue to show you. When you are being healed, your screen flashes green to inform you. When you’re receiving jetpack booster, your screen glows purple.

All of this could be turned off by default, but there could be an advanced options menu, to allow customization.

Anyone else want more information for this?
Honestly, it feels as though you can’t do teamwork as MM hunters, so I figure we should cut down on communication requirements. Give the hunters more of a chance, you know?

Charged Stasis Gun needs feedback on hit
Moving the UI

I wouldn’t mind more information, especially a dome timer somewhere, rather than listening out for the trapper to call 10 seconds left.

Also shouldn’t this thread be in the Feedback category? :stuck_out_tongue:


There you are.


There needs to be a “Hes in the bush Dumbass” indicator, Gobi may see all, but Quirkles only sees the obvious ^-^


Can’t do that one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t hand hold the bad players, we just need the option to see our teams information; or remove/mod/add information we already have.


I’m surprised the class ability indicator you spoke of hasnt been added in, itd be nice always nice knowing when support has a cloak ready to save me when im being focused, or when I can ask the assault to face tank a rock for me.


Or when Hanks orbital is up.

This game seems to require mics, and since most people don’t have them; it makes it hard in randoms.


Yeah, I find the text box useful for talking in the downtime, and pings are great for showing direction, but without a mic its nearly impossible to organize randoms. And organization is something randoms really need :stuck_out_tongue:
I need a new mic.
Tired of silently yelling at people.


I’m fine if they don’t have a mic, but they need to be better than the average player, know how to use pings; and know how to passively coordinate with people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lose quite a few of my MM games, because 1 player, can drag down the team.


I think being able to turn off the award and mastery notifications that cover the teams health in the bottom right would be a good idea too (if you don’t want the health changed to bars like you said in you’re original post).


Yeah, should also be removable. Everything we see on our HUD, should be able to be customized imo.