HUD Button Glitch


Hi everybody! I’ve noticed this glitch many times, but after skimming through the forums, I did not see a similar post.

As you can see, the HUD of the class ability icons with corresponding buttons sometimes appears without two options. In this case, on my Xbox One, from the very beginning of the drop ship, the Y option (Val’s Sniper Rifle), the LB option (Tranquilizer Gun icon missing) and the B option (the B button shows, but not the Medgun icon) did not appear. Later, the game crashed, which in retrospect was likely not related to the bug, but might have been.

Just wanted to make you aware of this glitch, incase you haven’t seen it before, or if you have, but thought it had been addressed.


Missing weapon HUD information

I’m pretty sure this one’s been addressed… But i’m not 100% sure.
No harm in a repost :slight_smile:


Damn, I’m not sure if it was ever logged or not.
I know it was mentioned in this a ways back so I’ll be closing this old one and keep the discussion here.

I asked Terepin to report it with the Issue Reporter but I’m not sure if he did or not.
@LadieAuPair @Shaners has this been addressed with your giant list of bug fixes?


I forgot. Sorry.


I get this one a lot. My favorite HUD glitch is when it confuses which side is what. So my tranqs dissapear with my heal burst, my heal burst is my rifle and my rifle drains with my med gun. Lol


No problemo :slight_smile:


I just had this last night as Val. Sooooo pissed.


Gracias, Skills. :slight_smile:


Hmmm. I don’t immediately remember seeing that in the patch notes. @Insane_521 - can you make sure this is logged? Thanks!


Take a break will solve this issue

It happens a lot

In Hunt there is no fix . Unless if the hunter died and went on drop ship / revived (not 100% sure)


For me last night, it just, came back after a few minutes into the game. I had several encounters where it would’ve been nice to be able to see my med gun ammo.


I have not seen this happen in our builds in awhile. I’ll ping QA about it just to be sure.


This happens all of the time with me. If you take a break, it should fix itself.

Also can happen with the Hunter circle on the left. Sometimes it will look like Assault is dead when they are alive.

@Insane_521 In case you need to log the Assault problem I mentioned too.