HP bars not showing when map is open


I find it extremely annoying that i have to toggle the map all the time(especially as medic) because HP bars and other UI elements like Abe’s tracking darts don’t show when the map is open. I have played many different online games and using the minimap is always a pivotal part of good play, but in Evolve it feels like you are punished for trying to use the minimap, and basically can’t have it open at all in a combat situation. Not only due to the UI being hidden but also the terrible placement of the map almost in the middle of the screen! I would absolutely love to be able to set the position and size of the minimap myself, as well as not having the HP bars and other elements hidden when the map is open. This is my only complaint about the game at the moment, and it’s a really big deal to me.


You can use the four symbols at the bottom left to check your teams health even with the map up and things like pings and tracking darts show up on the map itself. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, but i still want this fixed. Having the map open is no reason to hide other information.


I agree. Sometimes I’ll miss a perk accidentally because I’m studying the map. I do really enjoy the ability to toggle the map in the first place I have to say!


I believe it is a reason, that being that its to make navigation slightly more difficult, you trade having the map up for seeing other UI. Makes a player cycle through information instead of having everything on a plate - you have to prioritise what your doing. I don’t think the hunters need it any easier.

Just my opinion


I believe this feature is intentional.


Well it would be a quality of life change not an actual buff, i don’t see the problem in making every hunter happier.


At some level yes it is, which is why i put this post in feedback instead of bug reports. But this issue is largely irrelevant from a game design/balance perspective, it would just be a very nice quality of life change for hunters(and very important to me personally).