HP bars not showing. Turrets not taking damage


When playing the monster, there are times when the hunters HP bars (including survivors, etc) stop showing in the middle of a match, and do not reappear. Maybe it’s a bug that after a support invis wears off, the name/HP bars don’t reappear? Very frustrating, as its very hard to see the hunters, let alone find a downed hunter.

In Defend on day 5 of evacuation: Rock Throw does not do splash damage to turrets (not Bucket’s turret. I refer to the turrets built into the map). Unless the rock hits the upper bit of the turrets, they take no damage. this also applies to Goliath leaps. no aoe damage. Perhaps it’s a bug with the hitbox of the turret being protected by the pedestal the turret sits on. Having leaps and rock throws at point blank or at range deal 0 damage to a turret is a game-breaker.


It’s def a bug if you are experiencing it.


Experienced this again today with Goliath. When hitting a turret from a high angle with a rock, it takes damage. But from level and hitting it with rocks and leap it take 0 damage. This time Melee-ing a turret also caused no damage. Wailed on one for a good 20 seconds without it getting hurt.

My hunch is still that the pedestal the turret sits on is providing hitbox obscurement for the turret.