How's Sunny?


So um yeah. How is she? Op? Up? I feel like her kit needs toned down a little. High damaging weapon. Jet booster. Auto shields. I don’t know. I think TRS needs to do something. What do you guys think?

So, what's Everyone's Opinions on Sunny?

The booster has always been strong, if it was toned down to much it’d be worthless. And then the drone, well, it’s the drone. It has quite a few counters, it doesn’t shield you until you’ve been damaged.

So if I hit Sunny with a Rock Throw, it will shield her afterwards making it difficult to focus her. Unless I turn around and smack the Assault with a melee, so it shields him, then Leap Smash Sunny. It can’t heal proactively like Hank can, a good Hank will shield you before you’ve been damaged. Plus, you can destroy the drone which means Sunny has to place another one, and wait for it to charge.

The mini nuke is okay. Not as strong as a Hank with good aim, the utility of the AOE damage helps a lot in certain situations, (damaging through walls, like Behemoths Rock Wall) but I think she’s in a good spot.


Personally I think she’s fine, annoying as hell to verse but she’s balanced IMO. However there are so many OP cries against her that she will ultimately be nerfed again.


How’s Sunny? Cute, smart and badass. Couldn’t ask for more.


Yup, mini nuke is good for defense mode IMO


Sunny is really good. Though she lacks any good stopping power. But she makes up for it with the booster. The drone is nifty and useful but I wouldn’t depend on it entirely.


Yup wouldn’t be surprised to see nerfs in the next update at all which will be annoying.


She is balanced imo, OP against decent monsters. But I feel like DLC characters should be slightly OP.


Sunny should not be nerfed. Not even slightly. Nothing.

There are many aspects to her that make her balanced. People need to stop crying ‘OP’ all the time.


they already said they wanna nerf her drone. after they nerfed the boost, the damage… urg, terrible idea in my opinion. i hope they will give her some damage back when they nerf the drone.


No just no… That would make Evolve a pay2win game, where if you want easier wins you pay for it instead of taking the effort to learn characters.

Dope picture BTW.


She’s stronger than she needs to be, her playstyle and counters are very anti-fun and frustrating to deal with.

She’s been through a lot since her release, she’s been nerfed buffed, nerfed in a few areas only for them to revert them back and buff her more. But she is close to achieving balance and fair counterplay.

We’ve been told that they’re looking into twerking her drone and her booster a bit.
I think they’re looking into it again because Val got really good after 5.1 and also after they’ve gathered feedback from the ESL finals as well as the on going TGL tournament and how they’ve expressed their experience playing with and against Sunny.

I’ve been told that some teams even made mutual agreements with each other not to play Sunny because of her antifun play or that because they respected each other.


shes fine without val

its not sunny being op its synergy being op with val

we wont see sunny if vals healing gets nerf (which should be nerfed) just like before the val buffs

even tho sunny is a bit too strong against wraith


Yeah Sunny has serious synergy opness issue and needs a few toning down which would be real nice.

Val needs her nerfs too, but I don’t want anything too major. Maybe a slight Capacity Nerf? That way she can still keep someone up and through bursty damage but it will stop her from doing ridiculous shit like being able to heal the whole team four times better than Caira.
AMIRIGHT @moiser?

I haven’t experienced this as much or know much because I haven’t play Wraith much, because she is just very frustrating to play as.


I think her HB needs to heal way less to teammates. She needs the low cooldown for her own sustain but she deals way too good with spread damage now. She’s supposed to be single target healer, so she has the strongest single target healing, but on top of that also deals with spread damage well due to the low CD on her HB. Nerfing the healing from the HB by say 50% would maybe put her in line.

About Sunny though, I agree with Fav, she’s pretty much fine without Val imo. Nerf Val first and then see how Sunny does.


I would argue either Val or Sunny needs a slower recharge on the Medgun or Jetpack Booster.

Both are good options in my eyes.
Option A. Val because she would still be the strongest single-target healing Medic but suffers from downtime and thus can’t save teammates unable to escape the Monster forever.
Gives her more time to use the Tranq Gun and Sniper Rifle in combat, but the Monster will have an easier time breaking through Val’s healing as long as he keeps at it. (for which the other Hunters will punish him severely of course)

Option B. Sunny, whose Jetpack Booster will still serve its use and should still be a good option in combat as long as you’re able to save it for until the very last moment that your Shield Drone runs out of juice. Using it too frequently out of combat however would result in either a general gap of distance between the Hunters and Monster that will gradually grow bigger as the chase goes on or Sunny would risk using too much of the Jetpack Booster to boost the Trapper forward, at which point the recharge rate, combined with the already long setup time required for a Shield Drone, will be too slow to save the Trapper that will then be Han Solo’d by the Monster before backup arrives.


Sunny is OP, the drone reloads too quick and requires FOUR monster melee’s to destroy which is far too much for something that’s replaced instantly.

You can either melee the drone and allow the medic to heal who you were focusing or waste an ability on it and lose some damage on the hunter.

It’s also a pain when it’s placed somewhere the monster can’t climb and the monster is FORCED to use an ability to destroy it… IE Wraith having to use WB because it’s high somewhere that can’t be climbed easily.


I agree with CDOuglas 100 percent… its annoying for a monster because the monster spends so much time on an object that isnt a player or must use an ability. If im playing bob and i dont take lava bomb…i have to physically go to the drone if i dont want to use my fissure… if the team is good they can stall for those few seconds before another drone is active all the while the monster is taking damage. This is especially bad for a bob player because bob (which now has reduced health and armor at early stages) is so slow between targets…it relies on its abilities to do damage to players which must now be directed at a drone- thats quite frustrating. My suggestion is that we dont exactly nerf the drone…instead we allow the drone to shield before damage is inflicted…but if the drone is downed then sunny must wait the same amount of time that hank waits to orbital again before deploying a new drone. I suppose you could even increase the drones health… but I as a monster want to know that once i down that drone im actually fighting players. I dont want to chase a drone during fights. I think if we did do this it would make sunny players more thoughtful of where they place the drone and at what time to place a drone- as is with hank and his orbital… hank players dont just orbital every 8 seconds. Sunny players will have to be more thoughtful of who to boost and when to boost…when to cloak etc.


She’s broken. Way too much utility power. She doesn’t need Val to still be too good. Ruining the game right now.


Well the bost make her very offensive and defensive at the same time , and i think she is op against wraith