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I was referring to the stereotype that exists regarding gay guys, whether they are flamboyant or feminine. I guess I should’ve explained myself more clearly. It’s just that people usually think (me included, lol) that effeminate guys are usually gay, whilst not every gay guy is effeminate.

I’m not very familiar with the meaning of flamboyant though, but I guess it refers to the typical “diva” that likes to be the center of attention with a very direct attitude, not caring about anyone or anything. (I’m probably sounding very stereotypical and close minded, but I don’t know how to word it more clearly, English is not my native language.)


This is flamboyancy:

It’s one of the reasons why I despise the color pink.


I don’t usually have a problem with flamboyant guys… I’m bothered more by those who are like “I’m special, I break stereotypes, I’m a rebel, you don’t own me. I listen to Lana del Rey and Lorde, look at me”… Like… Just… Don’t rub it in my face, dude.


That’s technically being flamboyant. It’s not just physical attributes, it comes in speech as well.


Oooh … Today I learned something new…


Learning something new isn’t necessarily a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This saddens me as I like the color pink.

I would never wear a pink shirt or something but little bits of stuff like a tie. I wore a pink tie for my wedding.

As a straight man though I get made fun of for it. But I don’t really care.


Pink is lyfe my dude


Nope. Not at all.


How do you guys deal with anger? I’ve been so pissed off the last view days and I’ve been rather physical. Not physical with anyone though, just material items.


Take a pillow or something else soft and non-valuable, and punch the shit out of it. Works for me


yeah that, don’t punch closets.

not a good idea


I went through 4 years of court mandated anger management.


You got anger issue ?


I find somewhere to scream until my throat hurts then I make some soothing oolong tea


Exercise is the best for it. Use anger to do something constructive, you feel a lot better after


Oh yeah. real bad. Like Hulk rage. I used to freak out bad and I couldn’t control myself at all. I’m a lot better now.

I find hard manual labor to take my mind off things. Chopping wood is a good one.


Oh men,i thought you were a rather child when you are young,cause the fact that you are explosive and you mess with explosive and you managed to not blow yourself up is kinda a miracle


Doing productive things like reading or just learning new stuff brings serenity to my mind and it also feels good.


Several things:
I go outdoors and attempt to find some peace in solitude. Exercise, a lot of it. Mixed martial arts in particular twice a week.

Depends on what suits your boat. What really matters is what’s going to occupy your mind completely. Reading, as mentioned above, will do that. So will cooking a meal, hanging out with friends, beating the shit out of each other properly (E.G. Wear equipment, a bare-knuckle fist to your ribs hurts like fuck), what have you.