How's Life?


So is the DS3 DLC looks fun =D

@Trollogrefey you wanna partner up for the DLC or you gonna try to beat it on your own the first time?


Playing with others is more fahn that by myself o.o

so yus


Life is meh


I really want the valorheart o.o looks like fahn


Good except for school (school is boring, can’t it be fun?).


Nope :smiley:


when you start on the football team in high school and you currently the only undeafeated team in your district so far


I recommend these for night time internet or TV use:


The orange light is not to be confused with the latter though:


That must feel pretty good


hell yea feels great


I’m using my defib/laz glove. How we doin people? How’s life? Anything interesting happened recently? Good, bad, sad, or happy; what’s going on?


Nothing bad or good tbh. I’m back in college, a dull monotany. The only good thing is really me finally completely getting over someone, that took longer than it should’ve.

Now I’m just in a dull state of monotony o-o.


My life is just as shitty as it was 3 months ago. That’s all I’m gonna say I think


Wife is doing taxes right now. Hopefully life will be good.


Today is a sad anniversary. 8 months ago my life took a pathetic stumble and fall off the deepest end, a place so incredibly high, the fall almost killed me. I hated myself. I hated my life.

Today, things are okay. I try to find good things in each day and focus on that. There have been a few good things that happen and yet…well, I wait with baited breath.

We will find out if the world is done with me soon.


Life is still shiity


Screw this negativity. I glued up the leg I had to make for my custom leg vise today. That’s good right there. Now tomorrow I can see if it all fits and what adjustments I need to make on the other leg and finish my workbench.

Cant be happier.


I’m just rolling through the motions atm. Go to class, eat, do homework, play games, eat, study, sleep. Pretty uninteresting. I’ve found myself bored lately. I have been talking with this one girl, so I guess we’ll see how that goes, and I bought my tickets to DragonCon 2017 and ColossalCon 2017. Pretty hyped about this. Gonna work on Zabuza’s Exicutioner Blade to take with me cuz I’m cosplaying Kakashi for both.


I met the greatest guy 4 months ago… Everything was going pretty much great, lots of ups and downs but we managed to stay together, until his parents found out we were dating. They’re a pair of homophobic bigots, and they took his phone and laptop away…

I haven’t seen him or talked to him in like a month. I miss him so fucking much, and this whole thing is messing me up quite a lot. I’ve tried so hard to talk to him somehow, but my only options have been people who don’t seem to care. I’ve tried pretty much everything, and it’s so fucking frustrating to see people who care about him don’t give a fuck. I’ve pretty much run out of options now, and I’m afraid I might fall into depression again if this keeps going. Unfinished matters are the bane of my existence, and I don’t want everything to end this way.

His parents hate me for messing with their kid, and threatened me to charge me with pedophilia if I attempted to come anywhere close to their son. He’s 19 and I’m 21 for fuck’s sake. It’s not like I used him; I seriously care a lot about him, to the point I might even love him, and he loves me to… I don’t know what to believe anymore.

His parents might have threatened him with not paying his college tuition or something like that if he kept talking to me. I don’t know really…

All I can do now is overthink shit until I sink into a puddle of tears.


It’s good.