How's Life?


Its a social anxiety "comeback"
i had serious anxiety problems when i was younger, and lots of other things, shizofrenia , depression.


Yeah these things can definitely come and go in my experience. Though schizophrenia is often managed with medication. Things like depression/anxiety usually go hand in hand, and definitely are subject to how you are feeling about your life in general, stress, and other things like that.


Yeah, i was suppoused to take meds, i dont take them anymore, they made me a whole diffrent person.


Well that’s the thing, there are many different medications out there, and they all usually have different effects for different people. I used to be totally against medicating in any way, but if you can’t bear to live with things like anxiety/depression, and nothing you are trying helps, then I suggest trying different meds. They really can help. but I tend to view them as a last resort sort of thing.


They are just coming back, i just feel like shait most of the time, and i dont talk with people anymore,
Just thanks for talking.


Sure no problem. I just try to think of things like, do I just want to vent to relieve this pressure, or do I need to do something more drastic to feel better and be productive. Sometimes talking is all ya need, sometimes more.


I feel empty inside, emotionally scarred and unsure of what to do about social life, relationships and my own thouughts.

Thats about it.


amen. mostly im dead inside because ive “accepted” the fact im gonna be forever alone… wait, wrong(ish) thread


Does it? How so?


So tiring! 6 hours sleep isnt enough it seems


Maybe for you. I can go between 18-24 on it just fine. Sleep needed varies per person of course.

I got 8 today but I also have a cold.


I cannot sadly, I sleep in the car on the way to school, and from


Oooh. I could never sleep in the car. I’ve tried too. Only ever happened once as a child and I was super ill.


I love it, I can sleep anywhere, it’s a special talent :wink:

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So, hows life?

like everyone else…temporary


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I’m just wrecked half the time now. I started university and was lucky enough to land an interview, then subsequently, a job. So within the space of a week, my free time was halved, if not more and it’s taking longer than expected to get used to it.

Apart from that, pretty good I guess. The Skyrim remaster is out in a week and a bit, pumped to play it again. Halloween’s soon too, that’s always good. Still eagerly awaiting Stage 2 on consoles, should be good getting back into it, assuming there’s no problems.


Being in a car makes me sleepy o.o