How's Life?


Hey Everybody!

Here’s just a thread to kinda talk about… well, whatever pertains to you! Now this isn’t just a thread to post random things, gifs/videos, nor rant. Id like this thread to be about you, and whats happening in your life. If you need to vent, want some advise, or just want to talk cuz you’re bored (like me most the time), then here is the thread for your needs.

So, hows life?


Dead on the inside.

yeah that sums it up fairly well lol.


Any insomniacs here? I have a bad habit of staying up later than i probably should. Usually its due to an over abundance of media. Im the type of person who likes to stay informed, so usually ill be up reading or watching videos about games or politics or what have you, just so i know whats going on.


D: whats up dude? general life being shitty or is it something more specific?


Ehh a combination of things.


Well I hope it gets better, whatever it may be.

Find something that makes you feel good and cling to it until shit gets better (unless it’s drugs, then don’t do that :laughing:)





Sounds like me, I usually end up staying awake longer than I should. Which isn’t good for me as I need to be up early every day, yet I can’t stop myself. It has become too much of a habit.


Same here and it is causing me trouble!
I just don’t know how to stop!
If I try to sleep on time, i just can’t!


Not an insomniac but I do stay up later than I should mostly reading… so many stories on the internet. I just found a web serial website called royalroadl must be hundreds of stories some will never be finished some will some are good some are schlock but I enjoy it and I’ve had a litrpg itch that needs scratching.


I’m up till about 4-6AM every night. Doesn’t matter what I do. I guess it’s just my natural rhythm.


I dunno how you guys can manage staying up so late during the week, if I’m up after 12 I just can’t function in school :joy:


I don’t go to school :wink:

I still get a solid 6-8 hours of sleep so I’m not tired. Just more nocturnal…


I’ve suffered from insomnia for most of the last ten years, until I made adjustments to my life:

  1. Basically, for me, I found that if I sleep more than 8 hours per day, I would have trouble sleeping the next day, dragging all the way till 3 - 5 am before sleeping. To cope with this, I now force myself to sleep for only 7 - 8 hours per day, typically 7 hours and 30 mins. Without a good alarm, I used to sleep till 9 hours, which is not good for the next day.

  2. Even if I can’t sleep, I force myself to wake up at the same time. Let’s say if I cannot sleep for the entire night, which is rare, but it does happen, I will take only a 30 min nap for the next day, and persevere till the next, staying up purposely to sleep only at around 11:45 pm every night.

  3. Once in a while, I take a very slight dose of melatonin at 4:30 pm (2 sprays - around 0.3 mg) to re-align my sleep cycles since I have a little bit of delayed phase sleep disorder.

  4. Avoid coffee or other stimulants like chocolate or instant noodles before bed.

  5. If I cannot sleep even after 30 mins, I just get up to do something else, like read, watch TV (with a special sunglasses that filters out blue light, played at low volume to avoid stimulation), or write my novels or books, until I can sleep again. Generally, even if I sleep at say 5 am, I force myself to wake up at 7:45 am, so that my sleep cycle disruption doesn’t carry over to the next day. I used to be frustrated over this in the past, but I realised that if I sleep badly for one day, I would sleep very soundly in the next, so I comfort myself with this optimism.

  6. If I am watching TV or using computers at night, I use a blue light filter software or sunglasses, as blue light delays the sleep cycle.

  7. Drink coffee and chocolate only early in the morning, or early afternoon. Do not do it after mid-day.

  8. Also, try to clear all worries before sleep, so that one will not worry too much while trying to sleep.

  9. Once in a while (at most once per week), if I cannot sleep, I may take a very small dose of Xanax to sleep. I generally try to avoid this unless needed for a special occasion the next day, as Xanax can be addictive. Taking it in the low 0.5mg dose works. I try not to do this if there is nothing important the next day.

  10. I sleep using a special silk blanket bought from China that allows air to ventilate with the air conditioner on. This avoids me waking up when it gets too hot, just to take off the blankets and repeat the cycle.

  11. I stop playing computer games 3 hours before sleep, or engage in any intense activity before sleep.


Great read and list.

I personally don’t suffer from sleep problems, fortunate as that is, so I’m not sure how applicable my experience is, but if I ever find myself struggling to sleep I write down the things on my mind - importantly hand written - and with a warm LED light read a good book; I’ll be out cold in about 10 minutes :slight_smile:


Life is a hard beauty. Full of good moments as many as bad ones. Gotta go forward and never look back, but remember what you have walked over so that you won’t repeat the same mistake over and over.


If you want me to be honest I haven’t been feeling to good lately. Physically and mentally. I dunno why it just happens randomly with me. One day I am super happy and then the rest of the week I am super deppresed. Don’t worry though I am still Max and I won’t fail to act happy and try to cheer everyone up here. :stuck_out_tongue:


My life?


Apart from the crippeling depression, somewhat of an eating disorder and generally shitty happeings, life is pretty good :confused:


life is good in law studies class