How'd your first game go?


With all the negativity flying around I thought I’d make a positive thread were we can share our first, hopefully positive, experience with the full game :smiley:.

I played as Goliath on Armory. I was able to get my evolve meter by the 2:30 mark, mother of god the amount of food on that map. The hunters were already on me, so instead of YOLO evolving I used Goliath, and his insane amount of mobility. The thing is these hunters had been watching pre release streams, and were attempting to cut me off. Being able to read this I quickly found the trapper via smell, and ran for my life.

After escaping, and running across the entire map to Evolve I quickly got 3 points in rock throw, gotta hit hard or go home boys :stuck_out_tongue:. The hunters were on top of me as soon as I exited my evolve state, and I high tailed it out of there yet again. Luckily the trapper hadn’t cut me off, and I was able to quickly kill 3 grazers, and turn on the hunters.

The trapper threw their dome, and I ran making it miss me by inches. I stood outside holding the button for leap smash while the hunters just stared at me. I eventually said screw this, and stamina jumped inside into an immediate leap smash on the medic. Having knocked the medic away from Hank I held rock throw, and caught the medic mid air. With her flying away I was able to hit her into an easy leap smash. With the medic dead the rest of the team was easy clean up :smiley:.

Durring this entire game I was super nervous. I’d feel like a fool if I lost my first monster game. Hell ,I think I was shaking at the start of the game XD.


Close encounter as Goliath. Didn’t make it out in time…


I STOMPED the first team of hunters i met… 4min game stage 1 wipe
same with the first game as hunters… 3:00 clean finish


Played a good monster, but I’m betting I played with some of you here cause my team was in high spirits and having a blast, we went on to win our next 8.


2:07 game vs a Goliath, felt sorry for the guy.


My first game as Hunters went pretty poorly. I got Val, and we were attempting to track the monster. I gave the guys some tips, but them being lvl 1, and looked like low experience I didn’t try and tell them split strats or things similar. I did tell them that if you find an Albino, while mid engagement with an Albino Sloth, that you should take it down as they give you stat boosts. Our first dome was met with our trapper walking into a Tyrant after I said watch for the Tyrant in the water, and pinging it.

Second dome was met once he hit stage 2, and Hank seemed to not understand jetpack dodge. I messed up my fuel usage a few times, and the Goliath(3 fire roast build) decided to punish me. Me and Hank both took 3 downs, before the Goliath was able to wipe our Assault, and trapper.


That sounds like a pretty exciting and adrenaline-filled game. I had a few games back in the beta where I genuinely felt scared to be hunted as the monster, and those were so exciting, in retrospect. Evolve’s probably the first game I’ve played in a while that has genuinely raised my heart rate, lol.

So…first game. A bit unusual:
So I had just finished adjusting my graphics settings and making my profile badge in-game, I set my desired order: :monster::trapper: :support: :assault: :medic: (I usually run Medic first, but I actually want to get good in the leaderboards, so I wanted to hold off until people got more skilled, and I had a less risky chance of getting a loss as Medic).
Oddly enough, the game matched me with 4 people…and it looked like I was joining mid-round. Yep; that’s just what happened. My worst fears started to kick in, that I’d be thrown in a game in the middle of a chase as Goliath with a puny amount of health left and not the abilities I usually run. Luckily, that didn’t happen. I loaded in as Assault (4th choice, lol, but I rolled with it)…and…what I saw was a bit indescribable. I spectated Markov for a little bit…and he just looked like a sprite standing straight up, not moving, but just hopping; imagine all the Kleiners at the start of a round of Gmod prop hunt. Not only that, but the map was half-rendered, with some really simple textures. “Lol wat is happenin m8” is basically my first thought. Luckily, the map and everything correctly rendered after a little while, and the game pressed on.

The monster was pretty good at running…that, or my hunter team was new to the whole “tracking” thing. We got the monster in a half-effort fight right after he evolved to Stage 2, and I was pretty bad at assault the entire fight. Knocked Goliath down about 2 bars, and the dome ended, so he ran. After quite a while, we finally caught up with him. Relatively flat, open area; it was a pretty productive fight. The monster so far wasn’t enthusiastic at all about fighting; he kinda was in and out of running and fighting us. No strikes, ran again, and we caught up with him after he reached Stage 3. Final fight was kind of a mess with me; I found myself fumbling to pick the right weapon. Right around the end, he managed to knock out the Trapper and Support. Medic was pretty far away from us, and I went to pick up Support, who had cloaked. For whatever reason, I threw down an arc mine on Support, and right as I was done picking him up, Goliath hit the arc mine. Probably the most clutch thing I’ve done in a while. Goliath tried to fight back, but I pulled out the Lightning Gun and finished him off. “Evac!”


Yeah, my first game was as Goliath and I wrecked a group of Hunters that had no idea how to play. It was really the only group I played against last night that was fully new. They were getting hit hard by plants, wildlife, and couldn’t take down the dome at one point. I tried to play down to their level (with hopes that they don’t rage quit the game entirely by thinking it is unbalanced or unfair) but I still finished them in short order. A crowbill sloth did most of the work, actually.


I have a feeling early on I will doing a lot of “playing down” as well. I’m not a great Kracken/Wraith, but I understand Goliath pretty well. I don’t even care if I slip up and it costs me a game, I don’t want to stomp new teams.

Edit: By “Understand” I mean understand and have a ton of time in Goliath between Big Alpha, Beta, and Press Release Build.


I played goliath, got stuck on/in the environment like 30 times, the game kept pausing for 10-15 seconds at a time, my basic attack animation kept getting stuck repeatedly. I found a 35% movespeed buff and was able to win the match by a thread at least, it was a weird game after that there was no more pausing and i havnt got stuck on/in environment since either. weird