How ya liking Evolve so far?


So now that the game is out and many of you have had the chance to try out the full version,how are ya liking it? Better than expected? Worse? or is it still too early top for you to say?


Bought it and I haven’t gotten to play… Kinda want my money back but I have already entered the key…


I was having fun 'till I started facing the Wraith constantly.


Love the game to death. It feels even more polished than before.I always played solo and I still did enjoy it ( playing solo Dota 1 has given me a high idiocy tolerance ), but for the first time I got some people together to play as a group and it was an absolute blast. Some people in the group had been skeptical and uncertain after all the DLC ruckus, and even talked about how they were really glad they ended up giving the game a chance. Most of the people in the group hadn’t played in the alpha or beta, and it was really cool to see them making little improvements and slowly getting better, and starting to work together as a team. I was able to easily beat them on monster at first, but by the end of the night while they hadn’t beaten me yet they were starting to coordinate and give me a real run for my money.

We played custom games over and over again on the same map without even realizing it or being bored, I’d always have to actually remind myself to back out and change the map. It’s incredible how every single part of every game manages to maintain tension, and the battles are always incredibly intense. Playing six games in a row on Aviary took us a while to notice.

I’m going to keep playing this for a long time, but at the same time with the backlash about it I’m seeing everywhere I am still genuinely afraid for the game’s future. What’s worse is that while I think a majority of the backlash is overreactive stupid shit, not all of it is, and there’s a very real very sensible concern at the core of it. I just hope things work out for Evolve in the long run.

And I like playing against Wraith. So sue me.


I completely agree with all of what you just said mate. As a player, I thoroughly enjoy it. As a monster edition purchaser, I do not regret it and happily support the game. DLC is DLC, companies need to make their money.

People spend 200 bucks on a pair of jeans, takes 1 second for some chinese manufacturer to make that.

50bucks AUD for this game for the base version for crying out loud where developers have spent countless hours making the game what it is.

All a bunch of F*****g p00sies complaining about money, cause they refuse to spend money on something worthwhile. I’m more than happy to never have to play with them.


Daisy too OP pls nerf TRS i crei everytiem.


For the time being my internet connection is pretty terrible so I’ve been playing solo all day.I haven’t really experimented with any combinations of hunters or monsters yet,I’ve just been using the default four hunters and Goliath,having a lot of fun with it though even with just the basic setup.


For the record I would never spend 200 bucks on a pair of games. Some people would cause they love it (mostly chicks I guess lol).

Paying 100 bucks for a game isn’t going to kill anyone. Bunch of nerds being sooks over spending a bit of cash.


Once you get the other hunters unlocked and play with them, you’ll start to see the diversity. Every single character in this game is different and it offers so much tactical diversity to the game.

Monster as well, all are completely different in terms of play style.


Well so far the only extra hunter I have unlocked is Hyde,played a few matches as assault but the majority of my gameplay time has been spent as the monster,unlocked Kraken too but I haven’t tried him out yet.


I kind of get some of the complaining, though. I wish that the DLC wasn’t pushed the way it was, the prices for it do seem kind of poorly considered, and at the very least one mistake they very much did make was talk a whole lot about MONSTER RACE EDITION and EXCLUSIVE MONSTER this and EXCLUSIVE HUNTER that instead of emphasizing all the content that you already do get in the base game, as well as stuff like how all maps will be free, and people who choose not to purchase DLCs will still be able to play with people who do.

Most people I try to talk to when they’re hating on the DLC are surprised to hear about how much of it is purely cosmetic, and how much they actually are giving away for free, and how much they’re doing to make sure that you’re still getting a full experience even if you choose not to pay any extra. That’s kind of their fault for not doing their research, but also 2K’s fault for marketing all that shit so aggressively.

I’m being nice, though. Most of the people out there are just whining because it’s cool to hate preorders and DLC now regardless of what the DLC actually is and talking about LOLOLOL $60 WITTH DAY ONE DLC even though the only day one dlc in existence are skins. Those guys are just idiots.


I actually haven’t played hide yet, keen to use that flamethrower though. That’ll work a charm against wraith when invis. Same with Caira, Caira = wraith counter.

Kraken is very diff to goliath, i’m worst with him personally.


I like everything but the balance, and balance is subjective based on personal experience anyway. That said, I do have a few minor gripes about certain things that I find a little silly, but its just my own bias.


The flamethrower is nice,especially if you can get the monster trapped in one of Hydes toxic grenades while you burn it. I’m pretty decent with Goliath so far,not sure how I’ll fair with Kraken but he’s my favorite design wise so I’m hoping to get pretty good with him.


The game is new, in a month or so there will be strategies out and methods of retaliating against wraith. She’s beatable, just gotta know what you’re doing. The game is pretty balanced, just not entirely right now in the sense that hunters MUST communicate and know how to play at 90% efficiency minimum, whereas monster is just monster, doesn’t have to rely on a team, less variables involved, easier to figure out and play. So we’ll be seeing a lot more monster wins for awhile!


Damn, that’s awesome, I’m pumped to unlock him. Haven’t been able to play too much yet, gonna get a few hours in tonight :slight_smile: Such a fun game.


Let’s just say it’s may favorite game ever. No doubt (Sorry Half life games, I still love you).


Let’s see… first impressions.

The graphics are amazing. Everything from hunters to monsters to backgrounds and landscape are just a joy to look at. The game itself looks very nice, and it has some very interesting mechanics to play with. There are a lot of maps to play on, which also adds to the variety.

All in all, I’d say it was a great game!

I just wish I didn’t absolutely suck at it. :confounded:

As Monster, I have won 1 out of 3 matches so far (and it wasn’t the last one I played)
As Hunters, I haven’t won yet (out of three games, I think)



Even though I had my face wrecked in my first 3 games as wraith against bots (I still won but I took a ton of damage) I have to say that Evolve is hands down the best game I have ever played. I have played a lot of good gamse, but this one takes the cake. The possibilities are enormous! And will only get bigger as more DLC is added! Right now I am calculating about 648 different Team vs Monster matchups (I may be wrong, I havent taken math in a while) Adding a new monster makes this 864 combinations… This is GOOD. I love evolve


Don’t feel too bad about it,I’ve gotten completely stomped by the ai a few times so far as both hunter and monster.