How Wraith missed the mark


In my opinion, TurtleRock missed the mark with the entire design of Wraith. Not only with its abilities, but with the creatures design and aesthetics. We already had an interesting looking monster who could fly and have weird abilities in the Kraken. There really wasnt any call to make an alien/Zerg/Tyranids knockoff for Evolve.

Im so tired of developers dipping into that well - please for the love of mike no more damn xenomorph looking crap. Its just so damn lazy. Like I said you already have a terrific looking flying monster, and then you add in the Wraith that frankly I think just looks ridiculous - and has ridiculous abilities that a great many of the player base are fed up with (yeah yeah I know “learn to play” … whatever).

What would have been a good third monster with stealth/ambush abilities? Ummm, I dunno, how about a giant cat like a monster sized sabre tooth. Perhaps with poison DOT damage abilities. I think theres so many interesting things they could have done in place of Wraith, but they went the cheap route (“hey, everyone likes aliens from Aliens franchise, Tryranids are cool, lets do that”). So not only do you end up with a monster that a great many of players cant stand to fight, but also one that looks ridiculous. Thanks.

Oh and, I love the rest of the game. The rest you did an excellent job on Turtle Rock. Now delete Wraith, put your thinking caps on, and do better.


Wow, most stupid comment ever, there is no utility in this, just stupid hate.

You don’t like her? Well, others do, so shut your mouth…

Yes, really stupid…


But… but… it has tits… !


I dont know what you mean by “hate” ZsoronZ. Im just giving my opinion on the matter of Wraith’s design. I paid for the damn game, so Im giving my 2 cents. I think Turtle Rock could have done something far more interesting. As I stated I find the look and feel of the rest of the game to be terrific. And the rest of the game very balanced. I find the whole idea of Wraith odd since you already have Kraken.

Anyway, if you feel that Wraith is an outstanding design, then explain yourself. Would be more productive than telling me to “shut your mouth.” Even better yet, why not start your own thread on the topic.


Well you’ll hate behemoth since we already have Goliath.

Kraken and wraith are also completely different, playing as or against, so I’m not sure where the “we already have” comes in. You also used that kraken could fly, wraith doesn’t fly.

Also, kraken doesn’t bitch slap you, Wraith does!


He is talking purely from the design and look of the creature and i somewhat agree. I feel like they seen this picture and based the wraith design of this. I would rather have seen it go more to the likes of the other creatures or even a panther like monster than an alien inspired one tbh


He mentioned abilities and traversal multiple times.


I’m giving my opinion on your thoughts, and I think you’re dumb.

However, for a genuine discussion, I really like the wraith. I think it is very interesting to watch move, and all the abilities work every well. My biggest issue is a lot of the wraith mechanics are not obvious to the casual observer.

As to discuss your specific points:

She’s amazing to watch. Her animations are so majestic, elegant, and precise… Also, she doesn’t fly. She has good mobility, but she can’t fight from the air. She has to get in and deal high dps as her assassin role requires.

You may think this is a joke, but learn to play against her. She’s not some magical push r to win character. Everything she does can be countered and it comes down to who is better at positioning and movement. Abduct has a very obvious animation that pre-warns you. Warp blast is low(ish) damage that you can still dash once and dodge fully. Decoy has so many mechanics to make it manageable, including the fact that you can tell initial direction and you can reveal with damage. Supernova has a limit and if you get out of the area of effect, it literally (and yes, I mean that word) does nothing.

What is Decoy? Stealth? Woah. What is abduction? Ambush? Woah. The other two allow you to follow up really well to both.


Yes, as Merrill says, Im primarily talking about the aesthetics of Wraith. Hell, even another flying beast would have been fine, but their mode of movement both seem too similar. Seems to me that Kraken (who seems to be the most sentient of the 4 monsters) should have been the top of the heap.

“It flies, it has weird powers, its freaking smart, holy shit its Kraken! Oh but wait, here comes Wraith, that is kinda the same but even better …” Sorry die hard fans, but I think it was just lazy design all around.


I like playing as Wraith, I also like hunting Wraith as Bucket. Bucket is great for tracking, ambushing and kiting monsters which are all great counters to a Wraith.

Also Wraith does fly, you have to manage Warp Blast, Abduction and Decoy along with dash. Cooldown reduction lets Wraith fly forever - which actually isn’t that useful in a game. Kraken is rightfully the best for aerial assaults though.

One Wraith combo that can be incredibly powerful is a level 3 Decoy inside a level 3 Supernova, it might be OP but I love using it to win.



I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but I thought they guys here would like it. Evidently I was wrong.

And you are most welcome to do so, so long as you remain civil and rational. As for her design, I personally think it’s pretty cool, but that’s just my opinion. I love the teleporting, the floating, the feeding styles, everything. Sure her moveset can be cheesy at times, but oh well. I can adapt to that.


this game is based off of “dam that boss fight was insane, i wish i coud play the boss monster” a lot of ppl dont no the background of how this game was concepted.

with that being said i can go on forever listed teleporting bosses, who were usually a lot of end game bosses. wesker, Metal gear solid bosses, kingdom hearts, ninja gaiden. the point is this game NEEDED this monster. its a mainstage boss that were in many games before it. they had a very neat and interesting take on it and i dont agree with the xenomorph copy. she doesnt even have the crest!. to me shes unique compared to tyranids and xenomorphs.


Yep. We needed that boss fight that made us look around frantically, only to stare in horror at the empty space that once held our Assault…



Yeah, glad they went with the wraith :smirk:


I don’t even -want- to know if people like it.

I just find the whole design pretty stylish in general, I think it’s the way she moves around like an eel! Space mermaid is best mermaid.


Amen. Space-mermaids ftw.