How would you rank buggiest to less buggies monster?


Go from the most buggy to the last buggy one you’ve played.

Behemoth =

  • Getting stuck because he’s too fat
  • abilities easily exploited,
  • squshy, hotboxes
  • two abilities are broken and unreliable. One gets stick often while tune other one is just hard to predict for something so static.
  • flying

Goliath =

  • twigs sends him shooting through space with no real way of defending himself,
  • hitting a butterfly when leaping causes all sorts of random nonsense,
  • has two abilities that can do zero damage,
  • flying,
  • prone to getting strokes
  • abilities don’t work near small objects

Wraith =

  • abduction can drag both you and the abductee through the map,
  • abduction can sometimes grab and do no damage and sometimes does damage when not hitting,
  • random hit box can grab around corners or teleports hunters to abduction
  • freezing mid abilities
  • prone to fainting, falls down when doing heavy melee.
  • decoy having a stats down contest with the hunters


  • Stuck on hunter when pouncing
  • carrying hunters like a baby
  • double pouncing damage
  • monster voodoo doll, if mimic is spawned the damage it takes gets transferred to the real Miley.
  • Mimic random acts of teleportation
  • makes two gorgons, but only real Gorgon takes damage
  • falling through the map lol


No bugs that I can think of right now . Maybe that’s why I like Kraken so much despite his current cheese state.



Gorgon. She’s the most buggiest. Too lazy to rank the others.


Gorgon is buggiest. Followed by Behemoth, followed by Wraith and Goliath.


Holy. Crap.

The day has come. Miley is dead.


Bet you just jinxed it :smiley_cat:


Gorgon is the BUGGIEST…get it!? She’s a big bug!


Gorgon and Brohemoth so sadly my 2 Main and lovely Monsters are the buggiest


Behemoth > Goliath > Wraith > Gorgon > Kraken.


don’t get too excited, I’m starting to call Kala Kapur “Kim Kardashian”.


Abandon thread!!! Abandon the forums!!! Abandon the whole dimension, all hope is lost!!!


Behemoth is most buggy for me, due to physics issues with his roll and funny hitbox for his tongue grab and pounce. Then Gorgon, Wraith, Goliath and Kraken. Unfortunate because Behemoth and Gorgon are my favourites and main Monsters. I managed though.


Wraith’s melee is horrible


God damn it @Azmi_Anuar! Why you always got to do this. :tired_face:

Any who, I say Gorgon. Every time she bugs out(haha puns) I get so frustrated and just scream at my TV. I think that’s a good excuse.


What’s prone to fainting? Wraith.

Like I have seen a bug where in the middle of her meleeing she will like stop and do like an animation like she’s dying for a sec or 2. Is that what you mean?


TRS is making this too easy for me, I can’t help it.

yeah that fainting wraith, she would fall yo the ground like she’s dying in the middle of the heavy melee animation.


I’ve seen that happen with her supernova too she’s way buggy.


I do feel like Wraith is 3x more buggy than Gorgon, at least three of Miley’s for abilities are working fine.

Each of Wraiths abilities have more than one possible bug potential so it shows up more often.

Bob was just and is still pretty much a hot mess of a monster.


I actually kinda like the bug the Teleports Gorgon to mimic after it detonates.



Miley’s traversal…you hit a slight elevation change on the ground and the traversal over-compensates. Instead of a slight bump in the traversal path it sends you straight up and you land approx 10m from where you started. Keep in mind when this happens in battle you become target practice.

Bob flies, this is noted.

Other traversals seem fine. Kraken’s might could use some adjustment, but I suck with kraken so I would consider my issues to be “user error” with him. Wraiths port seems short as hell. I remember it going further before but I suck with wraith too so “user error”.

I have issues with too much climbing needed. Some objects should just break or be stepped over, but no I gotta climb over that soccer ball blocking the road.


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