How would you improve Rescue?

Rescue mode pits 4 hunters against a monster in a mode where the hunters have to revive and extract a number of survivors. The monster has to stop the survivors making it off planet. Hunters can also opt to kill the monster, or the monster kill the hunters. In three waves the hunters and monsters must play this tug of war with the survivors lives :smiley:

@MacMan has asked on another thread about rotating modes like Rescue in to a matchmaking system so that you don’t need to play Evac to play them, around half of those interested seem to want to ensure that the modes are improved before this happens. So, what do you think should be done to improve Rescue?

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I just want the AI survivors to be smarter and stop trying to fight the monster when they should be heading to the drop ship. Other than that, I love rescue as it is.


Increase the timer for drop ship for the colonist (5 seconds more)

First search :
2 colonist

Second :
3 Colonist

Third :
5 Colonist

Monster to win : Kill 5 colonist to win instead of 4 (To increase monster’s engagements)

Drop ship should reach the planet like (Titanfall) … Drop ship stays for about 20 seconds in Shear planet

Monster can destroy the Ship or kill colonists

Remove the survivors weapons. And program them to flee and only flee. Monster must kill any survivors. Not just a mere 5.

If a monster is domed program the AI to NOT run into the dome. Increase decay timer on colnosts for laz. I think it’s what? 10 seconds? Talk about short.


Make the monster have to smell the survivors, he shouldn’t be able to see them from across the map.


Don’t end the game immediately when the 5th survivor dies if you have Laz on your team


That combined with the change above would seem far too hunter favored to me

It’s 15 seconds…Tiny. Way too small.

Thought it was 45 in hunt

We’re talking about the colonists for Rescue, who have a relatively small time window for Laz revives

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That’s makes sense I guess

If Laz had a long timer on revives then the monster would have to take out Laz or never win

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Rescue seems a little biased towards the hunters to me. I’ve not really played it all that much, but as a hunter it seems pretty easy to rescue enough hunters, and as a monster its hard to kill enough of them.

Can slim do that long range revive

Yup 10chars

Yeah, that’s how I got my mastery up for him.

That’s kinda hunter favored

I almost always win as monster when I play rescue. I evolve to stage 2 while they rescue first group, then wait nearby the hunters until the next group appears. Then I race to the second group kill them, and race to third group and win.
I think that the best way to improve rescue would be to reduce the time it takes for the drop ship to arrive once survivors are picked up and to have more rescue pads. Or, require the monster to kill 6 survivors instead of 5.