How would you improve Nest?

Nest mode pits 4 hunters against a monster in a mode where the monster has to protect the eggs on the map, while the hunters have to destroy them. Hunters can also opt to kill the monster, or the monster kill the hunters. Hunters also have a time limit to adhere to. Monsters can hatch an AI minion (1 at a time) that’ll help it fight the hunters

@MacMan has asked on another thread about rotating modes like Nest in to a matchmaking system so that you don’t need to play Evac to play them, around half of those interested seem to want to ensure that the modes are improved before this happens. So, what do you think should be done to improve Nest?

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I think nest is fine. Rescue is the problem…

Make Hatching egg much slower (6 seconds) to waste monster time for the damage caused by minion

Increase egg health to make hunters stay in one group to increase monster’s engagement

Reduced the drop ship timer to 1 min because monsters are much stronger with a minion

Nerf minion speed and strength only when the monster is in combat

Monsters can only hatch 2 eggs

Have only 1 egg visible to hunters.
Where’s the how to improve Rescue thread?

Could we have less eggs so there will be more enhancements? That’s seems like a good idea, instead of just fighting over the last one

Ps I meant engagements

Nah, just fix the minions hitboxes and the mode will be fine.

In hunt the problem always used to be that Bucket could go off on his own and do his thing, with the new balance I’m not sure if that’s so much of a problem given the monster can do more to pick him off.

That being said I think the mode is slightly weighted towards the hunters and I agree with the suggestion above that hunters can’t see the eggs on their HUD until they’re in much closer range of one, or the nearest egg if there are none nearby (i.e. it’ll always show the nearest one)