How would you improve Defend?

Defend mode pits 4 hunters against a stage 3 fully armoured monster in a mode where the hunters have to stop waves of AI minions and the monster from progressing through the generators and destroying the hunters ship. Hunters keep spawning via dropship on a timer until they have stopped the monster for the required time, or the monster and minions destroy the ship!

@MacMan has asked on another thread about rotating modes like Defend in to a matchmaking system so that you don’t need to play Evac to play them, around half of those interested seem to want to ensure that the modes are improved before this happens. So, what do you think should be done to improve Defend?

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  1. Don’t have to play 4 matches just to play defend

  2. Chances of players getting out of the lobby before Defend match

  3. Only reason to play Evac is Defend

How to improve it :

  1. Make minions smarter … better … The main monster can direct them … when losing 50% of minions health … focus on hunters

  2. Reinforce hunters with 4 colonist for each power generator

  3. Reduce sentry gun damage

  4. a Circular wall to protect power generator … Monsters has to destroy it first

  5. Murder pits Map for Defend :yum:

  6. Accomplishment perk for destroying the whole team (damage resistance perk or health regeneration)

I don’t know about Defend specifically, but I never liked that the minions are just goliaths. The minions should have been something completely different and more primitive that is assumed to be what eventually evolves into the base monsters.

Just my two cents.

There are reasons the minions are what they are, technical and cost reasons probably more than story/lore.

But this thread isn’t about that, it’s about playing the mode itself, it’s balance, what you’d see “improved” about it to make it ready for general play in a “quick play” style of matchmaking, as online multiplayer.

Instead of getting rid of all the strikes on a hunter when they die it should keep one so that the monster can feel like they are making some progress. Why bother sticking around to get someone down if they’re going to be back in a minute with no penalty?

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So an issue is how much of an impact killing a hunter has, or how it feels it has, to a monster player?

Posted in wrong thread before, heh

It’s more of a way bother? It’s a one minute drop time that completely resets strikes. As a hunter, if someone else is already dead and I go down I would prefer to die to get a fresh start. As the monster player that’s super frustrating. It’s also frustrating trying to find food in some of the later generators (that may have been fixed with the 5.0 patch though)

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They’d have to do something to help the monster catch up to the survivability of the hunters in the game mode…

I doubt they will implement this but I wish instead of the turrets you would have 4 ebonstar soldiers and each soldier belongs to one hunter so he/she can tell him what to do like stay at the generator, chase the monster, or shoot the minions. Also if 1 soldier dies when the the 1st generator is down then they will be another at the next generator waiting for you as a reinforcement.

Or, what if they were another hunter but dumbed down like the Goliath minions and couldn’t be switched to, but in the match you’d pick the hunter that’s helping you but you Can only have one of each, no having 4 hanks

Also I want to be able to control what minions Im putting out there to add more strategy, and maybe what they’re doing, like some mortar behemoths to bombard the hunters while I go in for the kill or the hunters have to try and kill them so I buy myself time

Make the turrets unkillable when not firing.

Put a forcefield around the generator that stops ranged attacks from damaging it, melee only.

Kraken, and now mortar behemoth can tear the generator and turrets apart from complete safety. There needs to be a way to prevent cheesing of the unmovable objects,

Bonus minions that can be summoned, via eggs or whatever, that follow the monster and attack the hunters instead of the generator. But a very limited number, and preventable.

I don’t agree with this. The monster’s progress in Defend IS taking out the Generators. If all the hunters are on timer than who cares if they come back with no strikes, you have a whole minute of interrupted damage on the generator. I’d say that’s a huge win.

Besides, strikes coupled minions just seems like a bad way to go.

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The issue with that is that right now it’s so easy to cheese the monster. The hunters just need to dome the monster once they try to run and remove as much health as they can before they are killed. The monster is put in a bad position because of that. If they kill as many hunters as possible they don’t gain a minute of free damage. Minions only spawn once every 30 seconds. If the minions are dead at the time the hunters are killed you might get 30 seconds with the minions hitting the generators (less really because of how long it takes them to get to the generators, it’s closer to 15 seconds). The monster will usually spend almost all of that time getting back armor for the next engage so they don’t get a lot of free damage on the generators. The way it’s set up now it’s much easier for the hunters to chip away at permanent health than it is for the monster to make real headway.

No I think that would be too op , it will be like the 8 hunters vs 1 monster. And you got to think about the combos also like Cabot’s amp with buckets turrets or his amp with two assaults, the monster would be dead in seconds

I honestly think that the soldiers would add more fun to defend because instead of standing there shooting minions or monster there’s other things that you can do

It would be a heavily nerfed hunter

I actually would take away the dome. The map is too small as it is for the monster to regenerate health. And people want to dome you too.

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I don’t know what this part means but I agreed with the rest

It supposed to be “dome” you butt head lmao

Uhhhhhh, I still think ebonstar soldiers will be more balanced since they don’t do anything but shoot