How would you handle the following scenerio as a monster in Evolve


I typically have a fun time playing as the monster and winning. I can easily secure a win with Goliath. I suck as the Kraken and Wraith, although I like the Wraith. however, killing hunters with Wraith is difficult because the beast has too little health under some circumstances…

To the point. Yesterday, I ran into a group of hunter who completely dominated every round I played. They had Griffin as the trapper, Val as the medic, Hank as support, and Parnell as assault. I was playing sloppy so the hunters manages capture me early on as Goliath. I thought, no breeze, I’ll beat them up a little and run, but I soon discovered that Griffin is a nuisance. Whenever I tried to run, Griffin would grab hold of me and Val would slow me down with a tranquilizer. The first round I was stubborn on running. I quickly realized that there is no limit to Griffin’s harpoon gun has no limit. Every time I broke it, he just launched another. I fought them off the best I could and lost. The next round I told myself I would make him my target, but to my surprise I lost again.

When I found myself in a bad situation again, I went to attack Griffin to escape only to discover that with Val and Hank healing and providing a shield I couldn’t kill him to run. When I attacked Val, Hank shield her and Griffin grabbed me. When I attacked Hank, Val and Griffin slowed me down. The whole situation really frustrated me. I ended up playing as the Wraith to survive longer. It became fun sending out a clone, watching them fight it off as I hide far off the map in stealth mode waiting for the shield to drop. However, I have little experience with Wraith, so I’m not that good with him.

The question here is: how would you handle this situation? What perk would you start with? Who would you target first and how would go about killing this pesky combination of hunters?

Thanks for all. The good tips. I’ll try them or avariation of them. I’m playing on ps4.


first. sneak. griffin cannot snare what he cant see. stage 2 is your goal.

when its time to boogie:

the goal here is actually NOT single isolated target damage. you want to dispurse as much as you can to the whole team. val simply cannot keep up. even with hank shielding (he can be godly tho so watch out) then drop 1. that is a win. you do not need to end now that you have a strike on the team. try to get more strikes but dont sit on the body to make sure it dies.

sounds like you ran into a really coordinated team that outplayed you. make use of wildlife to disrupt thier perfect unison and capitlize on isolated targets if u can (knock them down a cave or enclosed area away from val/hanks LOS.


There is a limit to his harpoon gun. It’s not infinite.

That being said, ANY time you see Hank + either Val or Caira your first priority is to get to stage 2 and put 3 points in your ‘kill’ skill. This would be Rock Throw or Lightning Strike. You will not have enough burst to do anything against a competent Griffin + Hank + Healer without it. Against Griffin you want to play sneaky to get to stage 2. Armor up and your first goal is to focus Val. If you focus hank he can be healed AND can go invis which could cost you an engagement. Val is the weak point. Use abilities to knock back Parnell because he is the only one doing damage. Griffin with Harpoon Gun while Val heals and Hank shields. You shouldn’t be taking too much and should allow you to focus her a lot.


Wow, sounds like you had an awesome fight with those guys. I think a good way to approach that scenario is to try and break line of sight from one or more of the annoying hunters, and also to try and separate the hunters behind stuff in the environment. Charge is an ideal skill for this.
If you manage to separate a hunter, he can’t be healed or shielded and you’ll be able to dish out more damage since griffin isn’t able to target you while using abilities.
Granted, this assumes you get domes somewhere where that strategy is possible.


i think i ran into these guys with my goliath too. it was a tough team to beat. i went 1/3 and only won the first round against em before i just had to quit (only can play so many monster rounds before i want to play hunter again and vica versa)

the best thing to do is focus hank just enough that you can kill griffin. rinse and repeat until griffin has two strikes and it makes it easier for you to get to stage 2.


the key to beating a good team is spreading the damage around.


Yeah got this team too. Really annoying. Plus parnell was on my ass the entire time too no matter how far I ran.


when you’re fighting the beam team you want to attack whoever is in a bad position and is easy to separate from the Hank and Val. I also find it can be good to bait out assualt’s personal shield early if you can so you can kill him when it wears off if he’s in a bad position


which means your only option is griffin. assault can save the bad position with his PS. but if hes in a bad position twice or his team fails to back him up that is thier bad.

in this comp griffin is asking to be targeted. as long as he can stay in LOS they will win. which sounds like what happened. the counter to this is to cause chaos. hitting everyone around to disorient and disorganize. i no it seems like nothing is getting done but half your armor of doing that and that target has a good chance of going down. I normally target hank but hit val and the assault alot to keep the damage and heals at bay.


Yep that’s a brutal comp if they don’t mess up but people rarely play perfect :]


yep. id say 1 dome to test thier skill. prefferably stage 2 full armor. then stage up if they are nearing perfection. then its time to dance. get a perk. honestly damage buff or cdr only. at stage 3 the monsters can burn through hanks shield and then down that target. might take a bit or cost them some but its worth it if its val


I always get the medic out of the way first. Easy enough to pull off a kind of fake out.

Take note of where they are, attack someone else and then spin round and Leap Smash them, especially good against Lazarus they think they’re safe to hang back but once their gone the team is almost defenceless, they have to run or damage you enough that you run.

Either way, medic with a strike is a big bonus to you so if you run pick at least one off and get some armour back.

Griffin ain’t too tough, fire breath, rock throw, vortex will mess him up enough that you can lay in to him. Once the medic is gone if Hank is wasting time shielding then you’re safe from an orbital strike and Parnell is the only threat but on his own, not really.


How to deal with this team
if it were me then i focus on either hank or val depending on which is weaker, val is probably harder to kill then hank so try going for hank since you could probably do more damage then val can heal, make sure you have charge maxed or 2 depending on preference since it could split up a part of the group and do damage that way hank and val can be split. this can also help in moving you away from the group allowing to push in more damage to your not focus griffin until hank,val or both are down, parnells is not bad, just stay out of range of shotgun and try to dodge the rockets, assualts should always be focus last unless you know his sheild is down and theirs a chance to force him down

skill choices

make sure you can get to stage 3 so you can fight but if you have to fight in stage 2 then you should have charge to 2 or 3, fire breath 1 or 2 and rock throw 2-3, leap smash is not that great since griffin can keep you into place so kinda risky. if stage 3 then max these skills.

starting perks
the only perks you should be getting is either damage reduction or movement speed. damage reduction is so you can stay in the fight for longer and try to finish the job or movement speed since you have an easier time with griffins harpoons and vals tranquliser. another optional perk to get is cooldown reduction since it means more ability usage to distrupt and focus down but i feel that goliaths abilities are fine for the cooldowns.

in game perk hunting
when your in game, depending on the map you should try to find either movement speed, traversal speed or health regen at stage 1 so that if you do get traped then you can move faster and/or regain health lost wasting the hunters time and their dome. stage 2 you should probably find either armour regen, cooldown reduction, pounce damage increase or the previous stage 1 buffs. armour regen and cooldown reduction make you more of a nuisance and pounce damage can earn you a quick down as well as boost evolve meter, once stage 3 then you should try to find these perks from best to worst, increase damage, reduced damage, health regen or cooldown reduction. these are the best perks to help you dominate your foes and smash them to the ground. increase damage and reduced damage can also be eaten at stage 2 if you want to finish the then and now but i prefer to save them last.

hope this helps for the next time this happens and sorry this took so long to read but i kinda turned it into an advise guide for goliath lol


Don’t get caught
I always like to run 1 direction, get a little armor, and then hide in a Bush (Hopefully near a wall) and then walk the opposite direction once they pass me.
I know they won’t have a sound spike on the 9ther side of the map.


If using Wraith, use abduction for some quality alone time with the one giving the most problems. You can do this right at the beginning. Abduct oatmeal hunter coming down from the dropship, they never see it coming. With the other two monsters, either sneak around until ready for a fight or eat and run the whole time till you’re ready.


I actually like to focus support first because although he can invis I usually get his health low with an charge and leap smash ( in whatever order) and he either does nothing and lets me kill the medic or trys to shoot/sheild again which reveals him or the medic trys to heal him and it reveals him or I get lucky and spot his jetpack. Regardless I barley ever lose that way, I especially like full charge and leap smash at level 2 because it allows u to gain distance and separate people from beams easily ( I learned this tactic from u :smile:). I get full rockthrow stage 3 for raw-power and I love it ( I kinda hate flame breath)


Wait, what system were you on? This sounds JUST like a match I had yesterday when I was playing Parnell!


Nice. Leap + Charge is a good Shotgun Goliath build. I’ve moved a bit more to 1 Flame 2 Leap for stage 1 and then 3 rock for stage 2. Charge opportunities don’t seem as often as I would like in organized play. But I do miss charge + leap :slight_smile: How that build works is you melee a target you want dead until they hit a certain HP value, then charge them into a wall and leap smash for a VERY fast down. Shotgun style :slight_smile:


I’m guessing u use flame breath for mines and marsh striders, I’m very glad u like using a full powerd Rock throw ( its my favorite ability in general), I used to do the same exact set :laughing: lvl 1 during the beta. I could use rockthrow and do just as well but for some reason I’ve gravitated towards this set. See I like to leap 1 or multiple targets then go after my desired one and when I’m close enough charge them then smash them again.
This is some of my early game-play using that set (I used a buff but now If I’m just going for simple downs I dont have to) :


Ah this was a team that knew what they were doing, the biggest counter to these kinds of teams is putting yourself in good positioning and using knock back or the like to put the hunters in bad positions, with Val and Griffen they have to see you to slow you, corners are your best friend here, try breaking the tether then leaping around a corner to escape and stay away from the slows, during the fights try to trick them and throw them off if their fighting really well like that, move around the arena in a way that encourages them to seperate or split up so you can pick them off, if the fight isn’t going your way then back out and try something else, be creative like say hide behind a rock or cliff with a boulder in hand then when they split up boulder toss the pair with hank or val as they come around then focus the other pair before they recover and rejoin the fight, this is just stuff that has worked for me and allowed me beat similar players so hopefully it helps you as well