How would you define "Under/Overpowered?"


It’s kind of a running gag to cry OP/UP for everything around here, but jokes aside, what do you think is OP/UP and why? For example Lazarus is supremely powerful with a specialized team, in my opinion, but he sucks with a regular team. Does this make him UP or “niche?” And for another, Caira does well in all situations- sort of a jack of all trades- so is she OP, or just reliable/good?

Bear in mind that I’m trying to get a good idea of what the community considers unbalanced. This is not a thread for arguing balance. We can do that elsewhere. This is for stating your opinions and explaining them.

My own thoughts:

Markov is worthless because against a decent Monster he can’t do well in any situation. Mines are too easily avoided/destroyed and don’t do enough damage to be of any worth, his LG is pathetic in range and damage and the AR is his only good weapon.

I feel like Slim is too weak because he has to put himself in harm’s reach- read: TWO FEET FROM THE MONSTER- to get decent healing out, and then his healing is too weak, his self healing is bad and ruined by knockback- read: Every attack the Monster has :stuck_out_tongue: -and is healing has terrible range.

I think Crow is sub-par because his CC sacrifices the hard, dead stop effect of poons and tha blanket, constant and easy application of Abe’s Nades. Literally the worst of both worlds.

Sunny is too powerful, in my opinion, because she the Jetpack Booster is horrendously good- even post patch- and lets you stay on any monster’s tail effectively. Add that to the fact that she can shield AND boost during combat, making it very hard to get downs, and throw in the excellent damage of the Mininuke, and you have an issue.

Kraken is too powerful at the moment, not only because of his CC bugs, but because with his flight and spammable auto-attack plasma bolts and high burst ranged abilities, he can deal a tonne of damage, deny area, mitigate Hunter damage, render abilities useless and deny revives from miles away at little to no risk to himself.


Val + Sunny + Griffin is op. Why?

  • Monster can’t run away

  • Even if by some miracle he does Sunny will push her team with her jetpack boost.

  • when you run through the map, you give time to griffin to put his spikes, so even if they lost you, they will know where you are quickly.

  • Sunny can boost Val and Griffin… so Harpons and tranq… you get it (literally)

Twose things prevent you from evolving to stage 2 whitout taking crazy damage.

But, this is not all. This get even worst in a dome.

  • Val + griffin Destroy the monster’s mobility

  • Sunny prevent the monster from Killing someone if he manage to get to him with her shield and her jetpack boost

  • You need mobility against jetpack boost, witch you don’t have with val and Griffin.

  • Sunny can boost the assault to you, so you constantly take damage.


Agreed, one hundred per cent. Add that to the fact that it takes a hell of a lot of skill to outjuke a half baked team and escape this comp and that it takes minimal skill and effort to chase like this and you have an issue.


That’s why I like to play with balanced comps. ^.^

Val/Laz • Cabot • Griffin • Parnell.
Not something you would consider OP, right? :smile:


Don’t even…This is my favorite comp in the whole world. :stuck_out_tongue:


Characters in this game are only OP if the person playing as them is good xD everyone plays different and uses different tactics so in my opinion it’s impossible to say something is OP or UP


A good Sunny will be better than a good Bucket.

A good Torvald will be better than a good Markov.

If you can’t understand what OP and UP mean i can’t do more.


For example, Markov is objectively worse than Torvald. Why? Torvald’s raw DPS is higher, Markov is SUPPOSED to be a defensive Assault but Torvald does that better with mortars and the former is superior to the latter in every possible way.


Markov is broken… He’s the weak link in the assault chain. He needs taken out of the chain, and replaced. Makes the chain usable again.


You guys have got it all wrong. It’s overpowered when you’re losing to it, and underpowered if you need to be any good to win with it.


How could I have been so blind. ;-;

Call it all off, close the thread, we have our answer.



April Fools. :smiley:



Swap Markov with Bucket! That way I can just stick to assault (even if the other supports are pretty cool too) and have the only boring assault out of the way!


…That’s actually a good idea. No seriously. Make Bucket an Assault, buff his damage a lot, make Markov Support, retool him a little…


… B-but where’s the Hyde?


I don’t play Hyde, that’s @ToiletWraith.


Must be hyding.


Not as good as Parnell here. Close second, but not quite as good.

See the Laz forces Monsters to hover around a body, with ensures a metric TONNE of damage. Hyde can do that, but his burst doesn’t compete with Jim’s.