How would you counter-attack the person above you?


This is just a fun thread :smiley:

Try to use imagination and not use overlypowerful stuff like “bending the universe to attack”. Example “Counter with insert funny item and attack with insert weird weapon

Let’s see if this goes anywhere.

I’ll attack with a chicken bat.

Edit: You may use gifs or pictures (if you also explain how you proceed with the action)

Happy counter-attacking!


I’ll attack by singing a song and my awful singing will annoy you and make you drop the bat.


Note: do try to away with things like kill, destroy or anything in that sense. Since the person below you won’t be able to counter you :stuck_out_tongue:

Take words such as, hurt, be painful or miserable. The person below me, try to counter Midnight if you can :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have my demonically annoying dog bark over your singing and annoy you till can’t take it anymore. :smiling_imp:


your demonic annoying dog will be to scared to bark any more when my mosasaur eats it’s shark :smiley:


What movie is that from? I’m a huge creature feature fan (why I’m in love with evolve) and this looks like an awesome movie


Jurassic World and…HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW OF IT!!! :scream:




Because my PC is in the shop and all I got is my phone which is what I’m typing with right now


HOW.LONG.HAS.IT.BEEN.IN.THE.SHOP. I mean seriously the movie was announced like Months ago.


Oh not that long. I just either work too much or play evolve too much to see any movie trailers lol


I enlist the help of oversized Velociraptors to distract your mosasaurus while I use an accurate, feathered T rex to attack!


I will hit you with chuck norris !

…i think i might die if i atempt this.