How would the [PC] competitive community feel about these ideas


I’ve had a few of these ideas in mind and wanted to throw them out there.

A tournament. Only name I could come up with is, “The Classics.” Featuring T1 - T2 Hunters only, and Goliath only. With some obvious ESL rules such as no masteries, map banning, ect.

Next… an Evolve mentoring group. A knowledgeable person(s) would spectate a pre-made custom game with newer players and help give them advice during live gameplay and give them information on meta and how to play more efficiently.

Also… does anyone know how many spectator slots there are?


I really like this idea. A throwback to the old livestreams, Tiers 1 and 2 only, on the classic maps like Dam and Fusion Plant. Excellent idea.


And there is only one Observer slot, I believe.


I have to do this every time I play anyways, can I get paid for it!?!??!?
Seriously though, I feel like the ideas are quite viable. Not sure about Goliath only, since it would be quite easy to pick a combination to counter him effectively every match (T1 basically)


@MaddCow, don’t you do something like this?


It would include some of the newer maps like Armory or Wraith Trap. Definitely not Dam. I want to keep more Goliath friendly maps available in the pool.

That’s really dumb… well there goes my idea in hopes for a mentor group and casting the games going on while two people mentored the Monster/Hunters.

I’ve been doing this for Years over at Left4Dead 2 and never got paid for it!

Goliath only would be perfect since it’s Val and Lazarus, so Goliath has a chance to do some decent spread damage and pressure at Stage 1 or even Stage 2.

I asked around but no one said there was anything =\


Or wait, I think there are two Observer slots- I remember someone talking about dualcomm shoutcasting. No more than two though, I know that much.

Also, isn’t Dam Goliath friendly? It has a lot of good places for leaps, quite a few good chokes for him to fight, etc.

And yes, MaddCow does that for his ESL team.


Still kind of makes things harder for me. If there was 3, I could have someone mentor the Monster, someone mentor the Hunter, and I(or someone else) could shoutcast it. I have a lot of experience shoutcasting, just wish I had the voice for it though.

I don’t like it as a Goliath. I guess it would be a community vote thing for it but the close-in caves make two of his abilities (Rock-Throw/Leap Smash) a pain to use and it feels like a very small map to get away from the Hunters.

Well, I think it woudl be great if we had people doing this for everyone. I would just have to get some patient competitive players on-board to help mentor since I’m still learning the meta myself.



Those point blank cave rock throws though. :stuck_out_tongue:


On the whole I like them. If this is implemented I’d chime in a little. :slight_smile:


I’ve already had a group name reserved: since Nov. 18th.

I’m just unsure on what type of logo to use to represent the group (currently don’t like the set steam avatar). Was also waiting to get into competitive a little myself to build connections but competitive Evolve is very unforgiving to newer people at the time being. Hard to get into.

@Macman Is there any plans to allow more than 2 spectator slots? Four would be great… but three would be good enough.


As for a logo, why not ask the community? Ask for ideas, narrow it down, make a poll, etc.


I really wanted to make it on my own, so I could modify it on a whim on my own when I needed to for specific events (like holidays) without asking someone and possibly waiting hours if not days for a response.

I also swear that I did make a thread asking but couldn’t find anything more than Looking to create a new avatar for livestreaming... creative block and my wallpapers’ thread. Might have been hidden in the Big Alpha or Beta sections…!


It’d be nice to see a tournament where I don’t have to see Kraken and Caira every round.


Well you’d still see Kraken, just not Caira.


I thought it’s Goliath only.


I stand corrected. I skimmed and saw “Tier 1 and 2 only” and didn’t see the Monster part. My bad.


This would be perfect for me O,O


Wouldn’t have to worry about the harder counter hunters. Easy pickings. :slight_smile:


Ikr? With the hunters from the first 2 tiers I might as well go up against downgraded bots xD


Yeah Caira’s healing is a little OP and I’ve done tests to confirm it and I’ve sent my results and findings and details of the tests to Macman. And I don’t get how Kraken is so hard to deal with. With my command I’ve had a team of pubs take down one of the top 10 Krakens.