How Would Scrapped Creatures Find Their Way Into Evolve As It Is Now?


I made a thread awhile ago asking about creatures found only in the Evolve companion app Hunter’s Quest. I was just finishing up an Evac campaign and thought of how some of these creatures could be implemented into the base without compromising size and clipping into current maps.

Cryosaur~: Scrapped because was too big. Have it be the Ice equivalent of a Megamouth and be around the same size, appearing as a hump of snow.

~Ice Lurker: Map effect creature for Ice maps, works like the Phantom effect.

~Cinder Hog: Have as a random replacement for Dune Beetles on Acid or Desert maps.

~Cave Creeper: Randomly spawned in caves via map effect making caves more dangerous to hunters.

~Frost Raptor: Have it be the Ice equivalent of a Blitzleopard, but instead of spawning in groups of three(3) spawn only one or two(2).

~Megadon: Crowbill Sloth replacement on Ice maps, or an upgrade to Armadons via map effect.

~Glacial Serpent: Have it grapple you if you go too far out in the water. You need to be rescued and upon release it flings you towards the shore, or a Tyrant replacement on Ice maps.

~Soot Swarmer: Defensive Carrion Birds that will attempt to fend off feasting monsters. Map effect in favor of hunters.

~Dune Wolf: Have it replace Venomhounds on Desert maps.

~Ramora: Another type of grazer for various maps.

~Impaler: Comrade to the Carnivorous plants. Barbs shoot out and pull you in slowly (human equivalent to being harpooned) and maybe have poison effect.

~Sand Ripper: Random Nomad replacement (by RNG percentage) on Desert maps.

~Magma Charger: Random Dune Beetle replacement on various maps.

~Mangler: Another grappling wildlife with Megamouth-like mechanics. Maybe a map effect on Desert maps.

~Magma Wyrm: A gaseous wildlife creature that pops upon death, much like the floating acid bubble trees on Acid maps.

~Lava Strider: Ambient creatures in the acidic lakes on Acid maps or Nomad replacement on Acid maps.

Any thoughts?

Could these kinds of things be implemented at this point or even added to upcoming maps or modes?


All these thing in the hunter quest lol? Do I need to download this app?

Kinda sounded corny before but is it worth it…?


You forgot chimera


It’s eh. Just another bejeweled type game with a twist. The mastery points are nice, but it doesn’t actually even invest mine for me.

Anyway, it’s possible that we could see some of these guys at some point.