How would one "Make Hunt Great Again"?


What are little changes here and there that you’d like to see here and there? For both normal hunt and ranked hunt.

Some of mine

  • What if the weather was slightly more dynamic? Like at the start its fairly clear, then in the middle its like decent and near the end it becomes more wicked.
  • The map has poisonous gas that does damage, the gas is dark so it easy to see. As the match progresses the gas slowly goes to where the relay is at.


Can TRS change maps a little like Orbital Drill? Add more tress/rocks/caves/shit to make them complicated and make sneaking more viable, change wildlife spawns so hunters can’t just run forward to closest Mammoth bird spawn and find monster there.


Careful, that’s a double edged sword. More Rocks and Pillars means more Sunny Posts she can jump between and place shield drones!


Don’t quote me on it but I believe a lot if not all the maps have had a rework for TU09 removing death corners, cheese spots and generally clearing them up for a better experience.
(believe its in the tease thread somewhere)


What are death corners?


Areas where if a monster can force a hunter in to that corner they can just beat down on them without a way of escape.


Corners Monsters can put Hunters so that they can’t get out.


Oh that, I wasn’t familiar with the term of it. I just call them stun walls. XD

Like in Tekken games.




How would the Monster leave to get more armor? Fully commit to his last match?


Honestly? Remove Ranked. The game was more fun when people weren’t worried about losing points.


Or make the point system Better by making it so you actually gain and lose points based on how you did in the match? Like healing points, or domes throwed and support how many times did they actually buff the hunters and I guess for assault damage I guess
Pretty sure right now it’s random how much you win and lose?
Ps. I’ve given up on ranked matches unless I have a team I can rely on :slight_smile:


At the end it should just have 150 meter radius? IDK. Monsters regen their armor so much fatter in TU9.


They better get in shape then. /kappa


Reminds me H1Z1 or the Culling


Agreed. Almost all of my friends stopped playing Evolve & I asked them why, the answer I got: “Can’t deal with the stupid f*cking point system anymore, win 1 points & lose 6, bullshit…”


Did anyone mention building a wall yet?


Hmm. Actually, not a bad thought! I know TRS has expressed a desire to eliminate camping the Power Relay at Stage 3. In keeping with the lore regarding the Monsters’ desire to destroy the Relays to eliminate Minkowsky Waves generated by Pattetson Field tech, what if damage to the Power Relay at Stage 3 enabled secondary Power Structures around the map to be damaged, causing indirect damage to the relay? That way, the Monster would opt to, or be forced to leave the main relay to take advantage of a window of opportunity at another part of the map to cause limited, indirect damage to the relay. Perhaps, if one such secondary power structure is destroyed, it releases waves that act as temporary EMPs, limiting the effectiveness of Hunter shields, jetpacks, and mobile arenas. Thus, Hunters would have to be prepared to defend secondary structures, enabling them to do damage to the Monster, or be forced to leave the AoE around the main Power Relay.

Or, Monsters can attack the Relay uninterrupted by Hunters for a short time, or at the cost of their armor/traversals because the proximity to the power core (say, halfway through the Relay’s health when the Monsters yanks off that metal cover) exposes them to the epicenter of the Minkowsky waves, which are what hurts the Monsters in Cherenkov Space…

Just a few underdeveloped, yet out-of-the-:package: :bulb:s. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


And make NORDITA pay for it?


You… You are smart.

And take it outta NORDITA’s funds!