How would one gain trust levels and use able badges on the forums?

I’m not doing this just for myself, but for everyone that questions this. I would really like to make myself look like I have more authority…
Just because, no specific reason, but others may want it for another reason. I trust you forum people will figure it out. Let’s see how fast you guys reply!!

You mean… like Regular / Leader and stuff?

These are the requirements at least for trust levels.

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Absolutely, I would like to know all of the specifics for each of them.

Ah. I was gonna explain but the #ninja is real. ^ ^

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I’m not comfortable with that particular phrase.

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Lol that really helps, but is that exactly what it is for the Evolve forums? Idk it’s all white and sketchy looking O.O

They are one and the same. This forum is just a different looking version of that forum. The guy you see posting is actually one of the guys who does the software these forums run on. At least that’s what I gathered.

However, the number values may have been tweaked between here and there. But not by much.

It’s all the same IIRC, except we don’t get our own fancy forum for being regulars. >_>

Nuuuu I shall be the best
#Basic User
In the mean time!!!
Thanks for the help guys, no one has answered about the clickiest most baitiest title yet!

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Erm. I’d rather avoid clickbaits altogether.

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Gotta get that popularity mang!

I don’t think clickbaits are the best way to go about it though.

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If I hadn’t known what it takes to get a regular badge, I would almost think the name is kind of lame. Regular. It needs a different name :blush:
You guys don’t get enough credit, good job. sob
Needs to be a day where it’s…
#Regular Appreciation Day


Getting clicks on a topic is meaningless in relation to getting the Regular title, and since people don’t like click bait you could get a few flags an become uneligible for Regularness because of that.

The big hurdle for becoming Regular is topics read/topics entered, which you can check your stats on by clicking the hamburger icon in the top right corner and selecting Users.

Okeedokee then I took it out, please none of the abusive flags! Lord have mercy on my soul!


…must… resist… temptation…


Awwww I just realized you are Regular now , congratz ! :slight_smile:

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I earned it a while ago, but thanks for noticing.

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