How would an evolve monster do against a titanfall titan?


got this idea from @Galactoid 's how would an evolve monster do in a figh with an pacific rim Jaeger

so how wold goliath do in a fight with an atlas?
how wold wraith do in a fight with an strider?
and how would an behemoth do in a fight with a ogre?

I listed them so it was fair because strider has low health wraith has low health and so on


Man, I’d love to grab a Titan and kick some monster ass.


Goliath would stomp an atlas right out, one solid rock throw to the face and BAM “Monster wins :sunglasses:”
Goliath is love :heartpulse:
Goliath is life :heartpulse:


I’ll see your rock throw and raise you a vortex shield!


Most likely Titans would win at long range , but Goliath would in the medium to short ranges!! :laughing:


Goliath would probably win do to its sheer brute force and muscle tearing apart the titan.
Kraken might win, depending on how well it uses its powers.
Wraith would probably loose, a titan can probably grab it while it tries to go supernova.


lol when the monsters invade the next planet they land and all they hear is “standby for titanfall”

that would be and epic war butttt. wraith and kraken can outplay the shyt out of the titans. going off of the evacuation ending type. the kraken and wraith will mess up the titans bad. goliath and behemoth tank while those 2 wreck faces.

not only that, but they adapt to the planet and evolve. so the longer the war. the stronger variations of this invasive species grows stronger.


I see your vortex shield and raise you a charge!


I would love to see an Assault or Support hunter who actually calls in a mech/exo-suit. Not a extremely large one like in Titanfall, but more like a slightly smaller Stryder variant.

It would have a long cool down, much like Orbital Barrage with a time duration on usage as well as a separate health pool to allow it to be destroyed before it’s time usage is up.


Who needs an exo-suit when you already have the coolest robot ever?
“Prepare for Bucket-fall”


honestly with the equipment of titans and the versatility of the monsters in evolve, it would be an even playing field till whatever force behind the monsters began to evolve to adapt to fighting titans and then the monsters would have the advantage till technology caught up.


hey I think we just made part of a new character and part of a gamemode


Autocannon would shred a monster to tiny bits. Titan have the mobility advantage and range advantage, I do not see a monster having any chanse at all.


Regarding the Jaeger fight, was that before or after they suddenly remembered the kickass sword was an option?


Lol! Yeah…that always bothered me about that movie…as well as most anime that falls into the same trap. Seriously, why wouldn’t you start a fight with the most effective/powerful weapon you have instead of dragging out a conflict and nearly lose?

Hollywood…that’s why.


Every titan model will win, because a plasma railgun would one-shot every monster,the 40mm would need no more than 7 rounds(maybe 14 for behemoth) the Arc cannon would probably fry every monster in 3 shots(it’s what?10 times bigger than Markovs and isn’t a redesigned mining tool?), the chaingun would rip each monster to shreds before it got to the titan and the triple threat…9 balls from it would cover an entire S3 Goliath.

So I say- Titans win every time.

At close combat- the monsters would have a chance of scraping the titans(you know,since titans FALL from great distances=they can withstand a massive impact like “rock throw”,especially considering they have ENERGY SHIELDS)

a monster could maybe damage a strider titan, but I still doubt it(energy shield and still being able to sustain damage from titan weapons)

In short: technology wins!

EDIT: for all Kraken sympathizers- yeah,he could fry the systems for a while(maybe) and (maybe) overload the shields, but then what’s he gonna do? Attack them with his weak tentacles only to be grabbed by the neck and shredded apart?

don’t kid yourself guys, the titans can’t lose because they have defenses that just cannot be touched by any of the monsters.


Evolve 2: Mecha Warfare
Mechs vs. Monsters


Goliath Yes.
Kraken Depends on stage
Wraith lol no way


Spam decoy 500 times, it will die eventually.


seeing its stupidly easy for a pilot to be ripped out of the cockpit and murdered. i dont see it as impossible. the wraith would decoy and come from behind. 1 spike thru the cockpit and its dead.

btw they are in some form of military somehow. not sure how they communicate but if they ever got word on how the titans fall. its over.10x worse if they started working together in unison. wouldnt even stand a chance. kraken disables while the others move in.