How will we test future content?


The random downloading of something Evolve related through steam got me thinking.

In the future, as new hunters and monsters are released, will there be a public testing build released prior to the full on release of said new character? @macman any info that you could give on this subject?


They’ve said of assembling a team that would take access on the new hunters/monster for testing.No info yet tho because there is not needed yet.


In my opinion a game like this has no need for a PTR/PBE. They will do hundreds of hours of internal testing with very good players for any new content, and they have telemetry tracking for everything they need and they can easily tweak things post launch.


I disagree. Internal testing can help but a PTE environment can be helpful feedback from the player base before full scale launch of content is released. Just look at the broken decoy of the Wraith, PTE can help mitigate those issues.


Decoy was only as broken as it was against noobs. The dev team didn’t have that many problems with it. Wraith was a bit strong, but public opinion was the sky is falling.

TRS is smart enough not to release something completely broken which means only some adjustments will ever be needed. It doesn’t matter if something new comes out that needs some adjusting, there’s no harm in it. They release something, they wait a month to see (since people have proven their knee jerk reaction to everything is to cry) how it is, and adjust as needed. What benefit is there of adding a PTR step to that process? There’s nothing gained.


Actually there are many benefits to the PTR environment. Using your player base, rather than valuable staff, to test a character can be very time saving and efficient. The key would be to make it a private test involving a select number of previously vetted community members.


I think this is a great idea. Having a public test can reveal problems with a monster or hunter before they get released and can be invaluable.


Not really, even experienced players who can beat Wraiths agreed that fighting made for some extremely boring and drawn out matches. The fact that the nerfs were given to that skill proves it.


Agreed with Slewey. Even against moderately skilled opponents, decoy spam was an easy attrition win for wraith, the uptime and the ability to stealthily relocate at will was too strong.


It was strong, but only inexperienced players were having that much difficulty with it. If you watch dev games it wasn’t nearly as big a factor as it was compared to a pub game full of players with < 20 hours of experience.

It not being fun to play against is an entirely separate issue, and has nothing to do with balance in terms of strength of a character/monster. Just so happens that this nerf hit both chords.


The decoy being so easily spammable did lean towards boring gameplay. Not to mention that these were new wraith players as well (using a monster that was supposed to be quite difficult to use effectively)


But the hunters are also all new, playing for 15 hours doesn’t make you experienced. A bad monster beats a bad hunter team, every time. It’s not surprising that a new monster nobody has seen before stomps all over the Hunters. It will happen with every monster that is released (happened with Kraken in the Alpha too).


Haha I dunno about every time, but I follow you. 4 days was not really enough time to develop true counterplay.

That said, I do believe wraith was in need of some tweaks. She was functioning more like a brawler than the hit and run assassin she was developed to be.