How will the world end


How I Pictured The World Would End:
A semi truck full of Mentos and a semi truck full of Diet Coca Cola colliding
how do you think it will end?


When AlbinoGoliath not using the right threads too many times we will die.


but seriously I think ww3 the sun or meteors that are giant or our selfs


Nah, definitely you not using the Say Something Random thread.


nah this is totally usefull for stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


that size difference is scurry
and Russia has bigger nukes then us O_O (yeah seems legit)
and they almost nuked the us because of a false alarm like 20 years ago or 30


Well now this thread is going to be talking about racism… yay…


Seth Rogen and James Franco will make a sequel to The Interview and North Korea will bomb the United States.


Humanity will use up all our natural resources and effectively kill the Earth via destruction of the atmosphere. I give this planet another thousand years before we kill ourselves. Good thing we’ll be gone before that happens


In which case Russia will then kill North Korea with a nuke, thus starting a nuclear war in which will end with cockroaches being the winner and evolving into a sentient race.


well, #1 this is off topic so yea, its fine

I see the sun blowing up, releasing unbearable heat. If you somehow survive, you will freeze to death



Running out of resources… That’s how I think it will happen. For us anyway. The world will go on until the Sun swallows it.


The World will end if Evolve is done so no players online anymore, no more Content

This will be a Disaster


guys I have the best idea ever of how the world will end!


you sure?

ok here it is

the world will end by!! how the world will end!

it will end by women running out of the food they crave, so then they will start to crave something else and dry it up, and with nothing left they will crave human flesh! They will consume us all it will be the grillopocolypse! Then out of nowhere a giant floating chocolate bar will come and crash into the earth killing the rest!


The world will be burned by a solar flare that Nicolas Cage failed to let us know about.


In 2025 half the world will be without water, we’ll all be dead before we live to see 80 years.


Wouldnt surprise me if the world went into a nuclear war…


Anyone seen the road? Probably like that.


I have three words for you:
World War Zombie