How will the game handle four-man premade teams?


As with many games, I wonder how Evolve is gonna tackle the problem of premade teams.

I know from the info so far that there is a matchmaking system. before you que up, you can set preferences for the classes that you want to play. For example 1: Medic 2: Trapper 3: Monster 4: Support 5: Assault And then when you have found a match, it will compare the preferences of all players and make the best out of it.

However, I wonder how it will work when it involves a 4 man premade. Do they get priority in the roles they want to play? Or will one of them be randomly selected as monster, even if they don’t prefer it?

And the other problem is of course balance. How is the game going to balance it for monster players? They will have a much harder time vs a premade team of hunters than a bunch of random players who got put together.


best way I could see is having a ranking system. Match really good players with really good players. If this guy is a noob monster it should not match him up with a pre made of friends who have been playing for weeks.


im speculating not on fact but pure thought that they will probably have something in the options that will allow you to put a numerical order of what you want to play so healer is 1 assault 2 monster 3 ect and when joining a group say your the only one who is a healer set to one then you will be the healer but round or two goes by someone leaves and someone else joins that is healer set to one will trade off going down the list so play what you want more often then one you dont but randomizing it a bit i guess closest thing to compare it to would be payday 2 you like wolf so your wolf a lot more then say dallies or hawkson. we will see when it releases but that to me seems a good guess to how it will pan out or something along those lines