How will the forums EVOLVE?


Any new news or info on how the Forms will change and get more awsome


We’re probably going to get a triangle form and an oblong in the next patch.

ps: I have no idea what you mean by forms.


And when your hunter powers combine… Power Hunter Mega Zord?


What I mean is the Turtle Rock Forms.


He means the Forum. :smile:


OH. Okay. Wow.

Well, I think the forums are in a good spot right now. I don’t think it needs to change much, aside from the crazy, crazy spamfest of threads that’s currently happening.


You changed your avatar…I didn’t recognize you. :open_mouth:


No way, it’s all about the Wonder Twins. Form of…a bucket to bail out of this thread.


lol, Ooooh…

I’ve found the forums to be evolving into a much more sarcastic crowd, very quick to throw the OP and I QUIT lines out there. It’s changed a lot even in the two weeks I’ve been following it.

Some things stay the same (People still want to nerf the Wraith)
Some thing change (There’s 4 more hunters that people want nerfed)

Overall… I suspect the forums will continue like this until the developers give up on life with all the demands for buffs/nerfs that conflict with each other :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, Discourse (the guys who make these forums) are always working on improvements, I suppose, so little minor things here and there. I can’t see any major changes happening any time soon, nor do I see the need for any.


The Sexy Wraith Thread is a rock of certainty in the chaotic sea of uncertainty. Its glory will always be there to iluminate us.


Until one of us accidentally closes it and…forgets.



That’s when we get the Sexy Slim, Sexy Behemoth, Sexy Daisy and Sexy Torvald threads springing up. There is no escape. :smiling_imp:


I alone can close them faster than you can make them. :slight_smile: Is this a challenge I smell?


No. A prophecy, passed down from the ancient times!


I’m just hoping it calms down soon. I don’t check for two days and there are 400 new topics. :sake:


Just as a question is Sexy Hyde available?

Not sure what pose it is. @Garrus can you define Hyde’s pose considering you know a lot about.


Oh good lord, this returns. :laughing: Not touching that one with a ten foot pole. Err, I’m not an art student, so I couldn’t tell you about the pose. The thread? Go ahead, knock yourself out. I think it already exists though.