How will owning Evolve on multiple platforms work?


Hey guys.

Sorry if this isn’t in the right section, but this is pretty much the only place I could think to put this where it’d get seen. So, my question is pretty simple. I know you link the game to your 2k account or something like that, so here’s the situation.

I’ve purchased the PC Monster Race Edition on STEAM and would like to ALSO own Evolve on my XBox One. However, will the benefits of my PC Monster Race package carry over? Is my account 100% synchronized? If I unlock something on my PC, will it be on my XBox? Vice versa? Will I have the skins? The extra monsters? I will not be purchasing it on the XBox One if it doesn’t carry over persistently, and I imagine you’ll find a lot of customers in a similar position.

Thanks ahead of time for your answers. I’m very much looking forward to playing with you all!


I don’t think it is, sadly. I do know that your progression can possibly be transferred trough the my2K thingy.


its funny. everyone wants it. publishers refuse to allow it. I dont care about being at a disadvantage vs PC. make a seperate server or rankings for each platform (the normal gaming way). then make one that is all systems in a war for supremacy. first game to do this will be highly successful if the game is well thought out. suprised cod has done it either. someone will soon


Ah man, I want to do the same thing but I was unsure of this so thanks for asking! Got one group of friends on PC and another group on the Xbox :persevere: I was hoping otherwise but it seems like the only responses are coming up negative :sob:


I’m not talking about cross-platform play at all. That’s a whole different ballpark. All I am asking is if there will be persistent profiles across platforms that keep my unlocks/progress/etc the same regardless of if I’m playing on my PC or XBox.


OHHH. lol sorry. they could POSSIBLY do it with the whole 2k sign in being the same. but probably thot the masses would not be buying this on many platforms.


Most games do not. I can’t think of any that do have shared progression short of requiring full export from 1 platform and import into another, and that’s usually for things like save games, not MP progression.


Most console players don’t actually want it.

They already tried it with Shadowrun. 360 got CRUSHED by PC and everyone on 360 stopped playing.

Win10 and XB1 will have some crossover games, Fable for example will have cross-platform play.

Evolve could maybe do it since instant precision aim is slightly less important, but I’d be annoyed on PC if we got a console Val who coudln’t stick a tranq at 300m because of waggle stick aim.


what was shadowrun XD. like i said its gotta be a welldone game with popularity going for it. I had 360 since the beggining and never heard of shadowrun.

A game like this could work. only a few things would be difficult to pull off vs a PC player but this game is more about teamwork. in your example. 300m tranq will only reveal his location. your not closing much distance landing that shot unless theres no cover and you can keep applying it. not gamebreaking.


Please do not derail the topic. This thread is not about cross-platform play, only cross-platform unlocks for a profile used by one player on multiple platforms.


hahahahahaha chasing at 300m keeping tranqs up is how we consistently caught up to distant monsters…

It’s a HUGE difference. But only with a few limited issues like long range darting/tranqing and consistent weak point hits (everyone else shooting the small targets)

But yes, this game would work FAR better than just about any other FPS.

3pv Action games like Fable will work best that confer little, if any at all, advantage to PC.

Doubt they’ll add it though. Lost of complications, and honestly little reason to.

Already answered… they won’t. Cross platform progress sync has not existed on any other game so why would it here? I’d expect cross platform play before cross platform progress TBQH.


I no but one tranq is not enough is what i was trying to say. if two equally skilled shooters played and PC DID have an advantage. hitting 3/3 shots vs the consoles 1/3 will not win the game outright. the monster can still juke and get away. or turn around and win.

Honestly its pretty simple but it would piss PC players off cuz they are used to old coding. it was easier to code camera speed to the mouse instead of putting set values in. if a game has Reticle speed values set across all consoles. then everyone would turn the same. making PC equal to consoles instantly. as it is now. Ultra high sensitiviy settings on a mouse is easier to control than a controller. but I argue it isnt impossible to out perform a mouse with a controller if the aim is good.


If you limit turn speed in FPS on PC…


It’d be the worst port in history… and comparing to Ubi’s incredibly awful ports of late, that’s saying a LOT


exactly my point. no one wants to adapt. I cant even watch counter strike on twitch bcuz of how dumb a 360 shot looks. its 1 giant blur. why do consoles have to cater to PC players? because PC players want to keep their title as “best” so they will never even the playing field.



Has nothing to do with us wanting to be “better” than console players at FPS… it has EVERYTHING to do with your damn character responding to your input properly.

I can’t even imagine how bad it would feel to have artificially limited turn speed.

And FWIW I used to crank up sensitivity on Xbox when I played console so I could spin nearly as fast with controller, and used ADS to control sensitivity for more precision aim. Even at my best after thousands of hours of FPS controller gaming however paled to what a mere couple hundred hours back at MKB allowed me to do.

If anything, PC gamers have had to deal with nothing but concessions to console gamers.


I think i might be implied that it’s all 2k-account side, as you can level ALL charas on the HQ app.