How Will Our Hunter/Monster Suggestions Be Included In the Game?


It seems that Turtle Rock have already decided on the last set of hunters/monsters, so will some of our suggestions make it into a dlc or what?
Just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its a possibility, but our ideas were merely speculation and part of the hype for the game.
I don’t think any devs have confirmed it, but others have their own ideas about how there would be a fan made dlc


I would think if there were any awesome ideas posted, if any of the devs saw them it would give them ideas of there own and some variant of what was posted could become reality :stuck_out_tongue:


At this point I doubt they would include anything new in the release version. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if our influence helps impact future dlc


TRS going to continue on making DLC in 3 Years



Short answer no, long answer…kinda yes.

If you give them a hunter design/ monster design, name it, put a list of abilities…well they’re definitely probably not going to do that specific thing.

If you give them a ‘feeling’ a ‘theme’ or a direction to head towards, and enough people push for that sorta thing…they’re going to do that.

The rational for why devs usually don’t do suggested things, or when they do, its a special thing thats heavily coordinated…with media and… its just a bunch of rigamarole to do it all…

You’ve got ip law jankyness all sorts of community interactions to worry about that effect the game, and now everyone is suggesting things… professionals are going to want to be better then the ‘common masses’ in terms of the cool things they can think up, and what they offer conceptually.


Not only that, but designing something fun is something a lot of people aren’t REALLY all that good at. They don’t analytically dissect it and figure out all the variables or impact it might have.