How will match making work?


I’m just curious on how the match making will work in this game. I know everyone will not have 3 other people for a full 4 man team all the time, so sometimes you have to go solo and you’re not going to play monster every game. Will we be able to select which role we want before hand and get matched with the other 3 roles?

Also who gets to pick first the monster or hunters? Or will it just all be random and you don’t know until you are in the game. I think it would work amazingly well if it went monster selects first, then hunters get to choose how they want to counter that monster, but after monster chooses the map. That way you have to think on how to fight the monster, but the monster also gets a upper hand on picking his best map.

Lastly can we please get a system to show are ranking and have match making match us with players of equal skill level. I would not want to be running a 4 man team and have been playing for 4 months then get a guy who has for a week.

What do you guys think about this?


you tell the game your order of preferred characters and the game will try to match everyone as their favourites but might have to make people play their second favourites.

at least they mentioned that in one interview.


I’m hoping we can do what @loe37 said. It’d be great if it worked like that, but what about the monster? I have a feeling the matchmaking can take a while for people who are playing months after release if this games doesn’t have a variety of classes, monsters and weapons. Excited for Beta participation and I can’t what to see what we’ll get at release!


I guarantee there will not be more classes then the 4 because well there is no room for more and those 4 work best. Obviously there will be more hunters though. But they said there will be more then likely another game mode or something, so there is that.