How will hacking be handled in Evolve?

They meant cheat in the aspect of basically throwing the game in one way or another. Not necessarily actual cheating or using third party programs to cheat with and only in ranked matches. You can still play custom with your friends in party.

Not being able to match up with party members will basically help thwart playing games that either the outcome is already decided before the game starts, or the outcome of the game is something that is rather not intended by development such as both hunters and monsters not attacking one another and literally making the game drag on till the timer runs out, or you solo queing and being up in a game where the rest of the players are in a party and let the monster win etc.

I’m rather interested to hear what anti-cheating software they will use, if any. But then again some people don’t typically announce what they intend on using so people can’t get the jump on things to try and work around it.

The game is still under development and has yet to be publicly released, I doubt we will hear nor need to worry about such things until closer to launch when there is a large competitive base

Not in normal ranked matches, but in custom games you can

Remember, if someones better than you, they are either hacking, or you’re lagging.


@KabukiTV – Which is why I’m very concerned. While it’s understandable to keep Anti-Cheat measures close to your chest – it’s been my experience as a consumer that Anti-Cheats measures aren’t always high on the developer’s list. Like Piracy and Torrenting post-release, Hacks are always going to happen whether we like it or not.

Even if Turtle Rock can’t count the hacks directly – I’d still like some sort of system when I can play the game without fear of them. Sure I can create custom games with people I know and trust, but you see that will involve Socializing. While I’m more than willing to socialize, not everyone is. This just creates one huge casual loop doesn’t it?

@Vexille – That’s not part of the subject matter. We’re actually talking about Developed Hacks, not personal outlook and crying wolf. Developed Hacks will always exist regardless of one person’s prospective or latency. The factors you bring up is just a person’s natural response in fear of prior mentioned Developed Hacks.

And that’s actually where these forums really help. I’m sure there are plenty of people looking for trustworthy people to play with

Let me give you my side of things and thoughts on the matters.

If people want to cheat, they typically will find a way to cheat.

I actually used to belong on the Anti-Cheat Admin team for CAL. If you don’t know or remember what CAL is, it was the Cyberathlete Amateur League and was huge at the time for games like Counter-Strike and some others before ESEA took off and such.

Our team was dedicated to creating anti-cheat measures and handling complaints/filings for teams during games played in regards to cheating. The biggest issue with that all is like I mentioned, if someone wanted to cheat they would typically find a way. CAL had a decent anti-cheat software, as did ESEA but people were still able to walk right past it due to a large known hack called organner.

Long story short, the best any company can do is attempt to stay on top of things, but in a technological world where everything is binary and code, it’s still not 100% safe regardless.

I however do and always have faith on the larger companies to provide some reliable and iron wall form of defense against most hackers. The thing too with alot of people who do hack is eventually they get tired of running around with their cheats and move on to the next game, which is a plus for most, even if at the time of usage they ruin gameplay. The biggest issue with hacking is it can also ruin a game’s longevity and shelf life because of that. They can deter players from still playing that game

@KabukiTV – (Renamed myself from Temperhoof -> Vanadrom). Your outlook isn’t flawed at all, you’re quite correct in every way. These are my concerns as well. But when it comes to having faith – that is where I start to falter. Sure my outlook may be extreme, but this is because I’m really tired of the cycle:

New Game Announced -> Get excited for New Game -> Wait for New Game -> Buy & Play New Game -> Enjoy New Game for barely 1 Week -> Get frustrated and angry at new game because of hacks and cheater!

Sure even a game like League of Legends isn’t foolproof, but I have to admit they are really intent on smashing cheating, hacking, and toxic behavior. That is the only game I can think of us in recent history where when I played I didn’t feel like the people I was facing were hacking. So I know it’s possible to put down the hammer on the community to really curve hackers a great deal. But not a lot of games are so intense in their defense. They just often take the money and run.

@Brandini is right…the best way to avoid hackers is to play with other honorable players, which you need to screen for yourself through playing. Although it’s a bummer, you do take a risk when playing outside of known groups of friends. I couldn’t always find players either, so often did random matches, often with woeful results…although mainly with players who couldn’t operate as a “team,” or kids just being silly and enjoying friendly fire…not so much hackers ruining it all. That’s part of why I like this forum…we can keep in touch and know who is playing maturely, seriously, and honestly.

The other bad thing as noted above, was also being mis-matched in a game. This is something that does need to be addressed somehow and one I believe Evolve’s crew is working at from what I’ve read here on the forums, albiet not in detail; this is a key concern of theirs. Now, I’m not the best gamer in terms of talent. I don’t often shoot well, I admit…I kinda aim in the general direction, pull the trigger, and hope for the best…but I learn tactica. When playing Left 4 Dead versus matches I learned where the most often used hiding places were as infected…then, as infected I would choose someplace totally different to hide; and as a survivor I applied that knowledge and always aimed for those often used key areas. I’d often knock down infected right as they peeped from rooftops before they even had a chance. For that, I was called a hacker and some rage-quit on me. I was offended, but it goes to show the problem with random match-ups.

Should we have visible rank? I don’t know…if someone has a super high rank people may tend to quit on them before a game even starts, simple intimidation. If someone has too low of a rank they won’t get in many games to help improve themselves. I am very interested in seeing how match-making is addressed but during the first month you just KNOW it’s gonna be a wild hayride of chaos! And during that time you should be able to find and screen a group of players you will enjoy playing with and against.

@SledgePainter – You just gave me an idea / suggestion for Turtle Rock. We know it’s going to be chaos, we know it’s going to be tough – finding a group to play with it very important, etc. All sound points. So onto the suggestion:

Evolve really should have a very deep Friend System. Not just the ability to make groups and make clans, but be able to track people in-game. Unlike Titanfall where I had to track people through the browser software Origin. Many games I have to track people using Steam, etc. A lot of developers ignore In-Game Friend features because of this fact.

But really I for one would enjoy having some sort of system which tracks information about people I can TAG. Sort of like “I think I’ll friend you later” or “let me see if you’ve been accused of hacking or bad behavior” sort of software/system. Where I can keep track of people beyond just making them a friend. In-game chat and lobbies don’t help, also the prestige system doesn’t help either. You’d think these would be fine but really it’s not enough.

Plus it’s be amusing if they gave it Hunting jargon: Taggin, Marking, Tracking, Painting, etc. (Sorry, big of a Monster Hunter fan)

Iv only played warcraft 3 and league on PC so I can’t really comment on your experiences too much. but still to me it sounds like a rare case that you get hackers when you buy a new game. if it really bothers you that much maybe switching to console gaming will ease your troubles? Iv been gaming for awhile and the last “hacks” iv seen are the controller mods for instant combos(street fighter, MvC) and automatic single shot pistols(cod & BF4 trigger mods). Consoles are much more protected it seems like.

Interesting concept…I kinda like it if there is a good way to employ it. Plus, we on the forum could also speak for each other and refer each other for good gaming.

@brandini and @plaff will hold regional public floggings.

We shall make an example of these “hackers”. 30 lashes from a kraken for each

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alright. Obvious hacking is nowhere near as common as you suggest. If you honestly beleive that people are hacking as frequently in Titianfall as you suggest, you have a poor understanding of what decent players are capable of and are mistaking legitimate players for cheaters, and by doing so are significantly contributing to the problem.

Will the game be VAC secured?

Btw, sledge is not a sir, she is a ma’am

@atavax Again, this is not the subject of the thread. We’re not talking about a player’s perception of Hacking. We’re talking about Developed Hacks which exist. Regardless of whether or not a player sees them being used or not isn’t the subject matter here.

how is whether obvious hacking is as prevalent as you think it is, not relevant? When you talk about the problems Hacking causes, how is the opinion that you are contributing to the hacking problem not combating it, not relevant to the topic? Just because you don’t like someone’s opinion, doesn’t mean their opinion is off topic.

@atavax – Because I’m trying to make it less personal for me. I am trying to distance myself and my own personal experiences to focus on the core of the issue. The introduction of this thread explains enough already of my own personal experiences. Now at this point we’re discussing some ways to work around the issue until Turtle Rock informs us of their plans. I recommend you join that discussion and ease off from the personal attacks.

The core issue is your personal experience. Obvious hacking is nowhere near as prevalent as you suggest. Multilayer games are the most popular, best selling games, that tens of millions of people still thoroughly enjoy and your paranoia about hacking is ruining your experience. Hacking didn’t get worse, your paranoia is growing.